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Anyone thinking of buying a house abroad (even if only vaguely)

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SenoraPostrophe Mon 14-Mar-05 12:06:22

Could you possibly help me pilot a questionnaire?

I can't pay, but you will be entered in a competition to win a week's holiday in Spain in return.

If you have 5 mins spare for this can you send me an email - lucy at


PS I have permission to do this!

RudyDudy Mon 14-Mar-05 12:09:58

Have emailed you SP

gingerbear Mon 14-Mar-05 12:11:11

have emailed you SP

Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 12:11:42

my mum wants to buy in halfs with her in france?

Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 14:56:00

have filled it in

SenoraPostrophe Thu 17-Mar-05 13:03:04

Thanks everyone who filled this in.

If any of you are around today, could you possibly do it again? I've added a load of stuff.

Also if anyone else has a mo, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an email at the address below.


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