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Carpet cleaning - what did you pay?

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ks Mon 14-Mar-05 10:35:50

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:37:17

Take my advice and buy a Bissel carpet cleaner.

They're dead easy to use and you can clean your carpets whenever you want.

lunavix Mon 14-Mar-05 10:45:52

When our flat was that size they charged £450.

Thats with chemdry, but they are dry within the hour (which is what we needed with ds) and it was guaranteed, and also they did special dust mite treatments (we have allergies!)

I would not use a home carpet cleaner.... wrecked my carpet

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 10:46:13

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 14-Mar-05 10:52:37

Knew this would be your thread ks

GeorginaA Mon 14-Mar-05 10:56:30

I bought a Bissel - the model up from base - was about £140 from Tesco - the fluid costs around £15 for a bottle (which would probably do a small 3 bed house - you do tend to go through it fairly fast).

Does pretty damn well and I'm ashamed to see how much dirt is in the water when it gets tipped away!

Probably not as good as a professional cleaner, but I've been very impressed. It's not a stain remover - it's a carpet cleaner (that's worth remembering) but I have had good success using the bissell oxywhatever it's called as a pretreat on the stain then using the carpet cleaner over the room (it smells less for a shorter period of time washing it out properly like that).

It's also quite bulky to do stairs, which is another negative.

On the pluses - much cheaper than a professional clean in the long run and you can do rooms at a time rather than the whole lot in one go.

Oh, brought up my dining room chairs BEAUTIFULLY with the attachment too...

the one I've got

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 11:01:10

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Mon 14-Mar-05 11:02:09

If it's a one off then I'd go with that quote - seems a good deal.

GeorginaA Mon 14-Mar-05 11:02:32

I paid about £100 for a 2 bed flat in Croydon 6 years ago if that helps.

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 11:03:17

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 11:08:25

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Mon 14-Mar-05 11:40:04

Hire one from your local dry cleaners, they usually do them, we did all our carpets in a day, for 19.95 for the machine, plus a rip of tenner for the fluid (but they won't do machine without fluid)

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 11:41:02

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 11:42:11

I've paid around £45-50 to have my through lounge cleaned in my old house - it's about 28' by 13'

It comes up like new and is well worth it.

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 11:44:06

Mine dried in a few hours so just took the kids out. When you come back it's sort of dampish but you can walk on it fine in socks. I've got cream/beige/gold carpet everywhere (not in kitchen, hall, bathroom though!) and just have it cleaned every 6 months.

jane313 Mon 14-Mar-05 11:44:40

We rented one for a short day for about £25. My partner did a much better job than the £180 I paid the carpet cleaning comapny before that. (for a tiny 2 bed house) I got some equivalent of scotch guard but it was really rubbish (one of my carpets was scotch guarded when I bought it and that was good). They left marks everywhere and did even vaccuum properly. Never again.

ks Wed 16-Mar-05 10:22:33

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Wed 16-Mar-05 11:01:04

Sounds good ks! Only thing is - do be prepared for it to be pretty time consuming and a lot of effort moving furniture etc. I think if I needed to do the whole place in one go, I'd go for the professional job - they have better spec cleaners and they do all the effort

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