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South-east mumsnetters. Who wants to meet up.

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happydays Thu 06-Mar-03 18:11:49

Anyone be interested in a meetup in the south-east. I live in winchester and go between there and fareham/portsmouth. Anyone fancy meeting up.

fairy Thu 06-Mar-03 21:51:40

Yes, I voiced my interest on another thread about this, though the term South east is a bit big really, dorset to Kent it could be!

But depending on location I'd be interested.

Chinchilla Thu 06-Mar-03 21:52:25

Me too, but I am in Colchester, which is miles from Winchester!

Eve Thu 06-Mar-03 22:21:35

I would be happy to meet, I am between Winchester and Southampton.

breeze Fri 07-Mar-03 07:12:54

Again depending on where it is I would meet up. I am in Portsmouth

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