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SoupDragon Thu 06-Mar-03 15:49:08

OK, we've beaten oursele up about what bad mothers we all are so it's now time to look at the other side.

DS2 got a sponge painting set for his birthday 2 weeks ago and has been asking me every day if he can do some. Well, today I let him and DS2 (4 and 2) do it. I didn't wince too much when they got all the colours mixed up, I didn't complain when it too 1/2 hour to set up/clean up for 15 minutes of painting, I just washed the sponges when requested and topped the paints up occasionally. Result? 2 happy (and a little multicoloured) children, a lot of 'artwork' and a mummy having a smug "Good Mummy" moment.

Today, I AM a good mother! Tomorrow...? Who knows.

SoupDragon Thu 06-Mar-03 15:49:44

"we've beaten oursele up " = "we've beaten ourselves up". Obviously

Wills Thu 06-Mar-03 15:57:18

Ah - finally someone else who persists with painting even though it takes "hours to setup/clearup" for an extremely limited amount of play time. I have to say that during winter I limit dd to the blocks of paint rather than tubs etc (hope you understand what I mean). But at the same time some of the best most endearing pictures of dd come from painting times. I also would say I only agree to painting when I'm in my more saintly moments! By the way - how do you do a toothy grin?

Bumblelion Thu 06-Mar-03 15:59:11

It is these little things that give us joy - those small things that you do that don't count for much but mean a lot.

On Saturday I took the children to B&Q and bought some pots, plants and compost. On Saturday night, once DD2 was in bed, I spread a black bin bag on the dining room floor and gave DD1 and DS1 a terracotta pot each, a spoon for the compost and their flowers they had chosen - DD1 had tulips and DS1 had daffodils. They then potted their flowers in the pots ready to place on the door step.

Sunday morning we all spent in the front garden. It has just been block paved apart from a border round the edge and wanted to tidy the border and plant some flowers. Again, DD1 and DS1 chose pansys, primulas and others (am not really into flowers - don't know their names but they look nice!).

They had great fun digging the hole, planting the flower, filling in with compost. It is a mish-mash of flowers, not evenly spaced or anything but does look rather nice - especially as they both worked so hard at it.

Afterwards they even helped me sweep the drive/front area as DS1, every time he dug a hole, splayed the earth over his shoulder onto my new block paving.

We had such a nice weekend looking back over it and the children really enjoyed themselves.

The only downside was we went to our local dump afterwards to "dump" the garden waste and then decided to go straight food shopping. It was only when I was half way round the supermarket that I realised my "white jumper" (yes, I wore a white jumper to do the gardening) was covered in grass, earth, etc. and the two elder children looked like they had walked off a tip - dirty faces, dirty clothes. The only one that looked clean was DD2 and that is because she just sat in her pushchair supervising.

We must have all looked really "rough" but who cares. We got back home, all had early baths and were all in our nightwear by 5:50.

Bugsy Thu 06-Mar-03 16:40:38

Keeping a grip of my mess phobia when playing indoors with DS. In my mind I deserve a mental medal everytime he plays at home. The contents of our entire house seem to be redistributed with amazing speed and it all takes so long to replace.
Another good mummy thing is letting DS help me cook. He loves helping so much it is worth it - but again the mess!!!!!!!

Eve Thu 06-Mar-03 16:49:23

I let DS 3 1/2 dig in the garden and scatter soil all over the new nicely laid lawn. That mkaes me a good mother?

I draw the line at 'Mummy, come help me find worms' and 'I can't find any worms Mummy, they have all run away'. ....I'm not that good!!

Clarinet60 Thu 06-Mar-03 21:49:08

I let him paint every day if he wants.
Does that make me sooper-dooper mummy of the year and St Droile to boot?

(Actually, it's just that I have a very careful 3 yr old who doesn't spill a drop, doesn't even need an apron and does it for a good hour. Smug, aren't I?! )

pingu2 Thu 06-Mar-03 21:59:54

Dont find painting such a pain now I use newspaper as mat, paperplate as easel to put dabs of paint on, and 20p paintbrush-just bundle up whole lot and chuck-easy peasy. (OOps forgot the floor/chair/child/door handles)

Lindy Thu 06-Mar-03 22:00:52

Had a wonderful 2nd birthday party for my DS today - everyone seemed to enjoy it (10 friends - aged 8 months to 13 years so the oldest ones helped!), yummy food, made the cake myself (didn't burn it), lovely games, everyone went home happy ........ but did the 3 bottles of champagne for the adults have anything to do with it!

Demented Thu 06-Mar-03 22:33:25

The thought of DS1 painting brings me out in a sweat and I try to avoid it at all costs, he does however do lots of chalking, colouring etc. Today we have had a lovely day, I took DS1 (four) and DS2 (nine months) swimming on my own and I was convinced one of them would drown or there would be some sort of horrible accident on the wet changing-room floor but all went well and they had a great time, wasn't as difficult as I had imagined.

Clarinet60 Fri 07-Mar-03 17:38:22

How did you do it, demented? I haven't dared go swimming since DS2 (10 months)was born.

Demented Sat 08-Mar-03 12:50:24

Droile, I made very good use of the playpen in the swimming pool changing rooms and DS1 was well warned that we would be going home at the first hint of trouble, he usually enjoys running out of the baby pool and throwing himself in the big pool but was told that doing this would result in is going home immediately. We only stayed in for 20 or 30 mins as that was enough for DS2 (he has only been swimming once before when I had DH with me), DS1 wasn't too impressed as he wanted "stay all day" but I told him that if we went now we could come back next week. The worst disaster was that DS2 pee'd in the playpen but the lady in the changing rooms was great about cleaning it up. I am hoping to make it a regular thing so no doubt future weeks will not go so smoothly but DS2 is getting bigger and stronger all the time and hopefully will soon be swimming around (with armbands and supervision of course) which will make the whole thing a bit easier. It wasn't as scary as I had imagined in fact we all really enjoyed ourselves I would recommend giving it a go.

CAM Sun 09-Mar-03 11:23:23

Ah St Droile, I have dd's easel permanently standing in the kitchen since she was one and a half. In fact, most of my house is like one big art studio. She paints, cuts, sticks, draws, colours etc etc every day. Now she is 6 she requires v. little supervision and calls what she does "being creative". Of course it means there is always "work in progress" (ok, then, a big mess) but she is so happy that I don't mind. As for swimming, I took her from 5 months twice a week and then she has had swimming lessons from 8 months weekly (starting with mother and baby obviously) but now she is a champion swimmer (got her 100 metres at 4). Right, enough showing off from me.

Clarinet60 Wed 12-Mar-03 16:55:09

CAM, a woman after my own heart. Part of our lengthy house alterations includes an art corner, so that work in progress never has to be cleared away. He really is at it constantly. My only worry is that he'll burn out at about 6 and never pick up a brush or sticker again.

Bozza Wed 12-Mar-03 17:13:36

DS and I together cooked him two birthday cakes (one for nursery, one for party) and then DH and I spent two evenings decorating them as lorries.

Last summer (OK I am struggling now) I let him (aged 18 months) "help" me garden and didn't even complain when he sat (sort of a fall over type sit) on a pack of pansies I was just about to plant.

While our local baths has been closed I have twice taken him to adventure/leisure pools further away.

I have done the same four puzzles with him everyday since his birthday (20 Feb).

OK - now no-one start a good wife thread because I can't think of a single thing I have done for DH and I want to continue feeling so smug....

Enid Wed 12-Mar-03 17:26:54

I've got a little artist too! For her Christmas present I bought a big plastic storage box (with lots of draws in) and filled it with craft/art stuff that I had collected for months - she uses it every day.

If you are mess-phobic, buy some outdoor chalks (ours are from Ikea). Dd1 chalks on the patio for ages then the rain washes it all off again.

I deserve to be a member of the Good Mothers Club because...I often give dd1 a foot massage while I breastfeed dd2.

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