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Anyone know if it's possible to get a replacement marriage certificate?

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coppertop Sun 13-Mar-05 16:05:08

It's a long story but I need to get my passport renewed ASAP so that I can use it for ID purposes. The problem is that my expired passport is in my maiden name and at the moment I can't seem to find our marriage certificate anywhere. I've got a couple of places left to look but it's not very hopeful.

So does anyone know if I can order a replacement certificate and, if so, how do I go about it?

littlerach Sun 13-Mar-05 16:10:30

Think you contact the local registry office and ask them, or perhaps the church??

pixiefish Sun 13-Mar-05 16:11:41

You need to go to the registrar in the district you were married. churches etc have to send their records to the registrar. The only time this may not have happened is if there aren't many weddings at that church and the record of the marriage is still at the church. So first thing is to approach the local registrar and take it from there. IIRC there is a fee payable.

Doddle Sun 13-Mar-05 17:03:41

You can get them online from the national statistics office. Sorry can't do link have stupid keyboard. You do have to pay though.

bunny3 Sun 13-Mar-05 18:08:18

We needed this recently - a replacement from the Reg office where we married cost us £7.00 and was sent to us within days of applying.

bundle Sun 13-Mar-05 18:09:25

i got a new one from our council's register office hq, cost a few quid and had to make an appt but no big deal

80sMum Sun 13-Mar-05 18:48:12

Just click here to order any birth/marriage/death certificate online. A recent marriage certificate costs £11.50.

mummytosteven Sun 13-Mar-05 18:49:43

if you just need ID, a photocard driving licence/provisional driving licence is pretty good

coppertop Sun 13-Mar-05 18:51:37

Thanks everyone.

We got married in a small village church just over 5 years ago. We'll try the registrar first I think. Phew!

coppertop Sun 13-Mar-05 18:53:48

We need the ID to apply to take some inherited money out of Ireland. Unfortunately they won't take a provisional licence as proof and I can't drive.

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