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Quick ? ... which is the nearest Lon airport to Heathrow?

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Millie1 Sun 13-Mar-05 10:55:35

Is Luton far - taxi, bus, train? thanks!!

RudyDudy Sun 13-Mar-05 10:57:48

I think the nearest one would probably be Gatwick. Pretty sure that Luton is really far away - probably Heathrow Express into Paddington and tube and train out again. I think there's a bus or coach that goes between Heathrow and Gatwick.

Beetroot Sun 13-Mar-05 10:59:39

Message withdrawn

Millie1 Sun 13-Mar-05 11:05:11

thanks ... dh has vetoed the idea even if it does save £200 ... sigh.

hoxtonchick Sun 13-Mar-05 11:17:10

isn't there a bus which takes you directly between all the airports?

starlover Sun 13-Mar-05 11:21:37

yeah, there is hoxtonchick.

dp reckons luton or gatwick are the quickest to get to... although if you do gatwick by car you have the m25 roadworks to contend with

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