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If you are 40 or over, where did you think you would be by now?

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mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 18:09:14

When you were in your 20s 30's etc, did you think about 40 being the magic age or did you dread it? Did you think you would be settled, rich, comfortable, happy, living abroad, house in the country, married, what?

In my case it just sort of creeped up on me, without time for thinking about it.

mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 18:10:05

Furthermore, i had absolutely no idea where i would be at 40 so i am now not disappointed.
How about you?

loudmum Sat 12-Mar-05 18:17:23

I am 40 in 1 month so this is close to my heart... to be honest am in a totally different place to where I thought I would be... always thoyght I would be single and a workacholic in some major city in the world... instead live in suburbia in south manchester married with 2 kids... and am very happy with the complete change of plan!!

Still sometimes fantiasise about the money and designer clothes i would be wearing!!

tallulah Sun 13-Mar-05 18:17:21

I never really gave it a thought.. didn't expect to be living in Kent, nor doing more-or-less the exact same full-time job i was doing at 16 I suppose if i'm honest, in the fantasy version of my life I was going to be a SAHM and a writer.

I think it's at this age when you suddenly realise that all those things that you thought you might do some day are never going to happen, & this is it.

(I certainly wouldn't have picked this version )

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