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Do Mumsnetters post their photos ?

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mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 17:35:34

Is there some way for us to see each other? Is there a link where other mumsnetters have posted their photos? I would like to see who i am talking to and to post my own. (I'm gorgeous by the way - just in case you were wondering! he

Mud Sat 12-Mar-05 17:36:33

look at member profiles board

though a lot of us prefer anonymity and think that its being ruined with all the photos

littlemissbossy Sat 12-Mar-05 17:36:36

yes, you can post a photo on a members profile

Blossomhill Sat 12-Mar-05 17:36:48

Click on talk and then go into members profiles. I am not sure exactly how to post pictures but that's where you do it and find other member's photos

mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 17:37:26

that was quick response. Thanks.

mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 17:38:46

mind you, (and I'm not suggesting anyone on mumsnet is a crazed psychopath) do you remember the woman who was murdered in the states after she struck up a "friendship" with a woman about dogs. The woman came to her house ostensibly to buy a dog, and she murdered her. The woman was 8 months pregnant!!!

Snugs Sat 12-Mar-05 17:40:04

Bumped a thread for you with instructions for posting photo.


mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 17:51:10

Just went to the profile site, its waaay to big to go through, so wont bother, cause nobody is gonna notice my photo.

Snugs Sat 12-Mar-05 17:53:56

If you do one, it will be on a new thread so will be bumped up the conversations. Go on, you know you want to

mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 17:55:05

Snugs, you are just plain nosy, is all. Yeah, i might, but will have to think about whether you are one of those psychopaths i spoke of!

Snugs Sat 12-Mar-05 17:58:23

Me psycho? Noooooooooooooo

Slightly nutty maybe but not a psycho.


(mwahahahhaha, evil snigger as leaves thread)

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 18:02:48

we are all slightly nutty on here, it's one of the rules of joining up

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 18:03:31

Ahem, I'm more fruity than nutty.

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 18:05:56

fruit and nut you are

JoolsToo Sat 12-Mar-05 18:06:08

nondeplume ?

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 18:07:14

although with the skin of a peach and not a raisin

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 18:15:31

that's not what i heard

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 18:21:20

Has Adam been telling tales again ?

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 18:21:49

I'll have to spank him, the naughty boy

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 18:33:08

he cant speak wearing a gag

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 18:33:57

A ball gag ? Wonder where he sourced that ...... ?

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 18:41:29

looks about whistling.....

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 19:05:57

probably the same place he found that strap on.... A dungeon maybe ????

lou33 Sat 12-Mar-05 19:14:27

NomDePlume Sat 12-Mar-05 19:15:33

Anyway... How's the tat healing, Lou ?

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