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Is there a toy library in Bromley Kent?

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sizeofahouse Sat 12-Mar-05 14:55:58

Hello, my parents live in Bromley and my toddler and I are visiting for a week, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and need to pick up a hoard of toys for a week, we're coming down on the train from Yorkshire and travelling light. He is into everything and if there are not enough toys will be launching off the sofa all he can. I will sweep all the charity shops when I get there but is there a place to borrow good toys?

annh Sat 12-Mar-05 16:42:25

I believe there is a toy library based in the Churchill Theatre in Bromley but have no other details. You could try calling the theatre itself to see if they might have a contact number.

pooka Sat 12-Mar-05 18:31:28

Yes - at the Churchill Theatre, not the library (go into the foyer and turn right). Fortnightly on a Tuesday from 10am. Was this Tuesday, so in 10 days time now (and then because of Easter, not for 3 weeks I think). It's been recommended to me by friends and I'm going next time.

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