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laneydaye Sat 12-Mar-05 12:54:58

like most people we watched comic relief last night, we also alloewed my ds who is 4 stay up later than usual....(poor things usually in bed by 7pm) he absoloutley loved it till one of the african messages came on with the little boy and girl.... the mum was already dead of aids and the little girl was caring for the father who was close to dieing of aids, Think she was about 9/10 not sure the little boy looked about 6/7
anyway he was heart broken... i was sobbing trying to explain what was happening, in a way a 4yr old can was really moving even my dp had a couple of tears, we even forfitted our take away and went and pledged the money to the charity...
Just wanted to share this with anyone who wanted to read......

By the way ds is fine this morning but i suppose i better get used to him asking questions in the future about stuff that is sometimes hard to swallow.....

pipsy1 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:28:37

I blubbed through all those clips. Its just so much closer to home when you have kids yourself isn't it. Seems just such a bitter pill when we have so much. Yet how many of us even appreciate it? Guilty

beansprout Sat 12-Mar-05 13:34:55

I was the same. I work for a charity and think I am pretty immune to fundraising "techniques" but those films just cut through all the cynicism and really, really got to me. The child who had lost both parents and was crying... awful, awful, awful. Keep getting upset thinking about it (and I'm usually quite hard I am).

laneydaye Sat 12-Mar-05 13:37:05

gonna start blubbing again myself i think.....
always been able to cry at certain stuff on tv but not like this now ive got kids.

Janh Sat 12-Mar-05 14:57:42

It was that stolen 12-yr-old boy who was found weeping in a city street and eventually reunited with his family 400 miles away that did for me the most - partly because DS2 is nearly 12. He was a bit bewildered by the strength of their emotions when they saw him at the door.

The 2 AIDS orphans are in a clip on the make poverty history website which I have seen before - but still blubbed just as much last night! It was lovely though to see them living with a family and seeming content.

DS2 saw some of the clips too and he was definitely choked.

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