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How can I get rid of the smell of cat pee from my hall?

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Tanzie Fri 11-Mar-05 22:18:47

It's tiled. And I've tried every cleaning product under the sun. Local petshop only sells stuff for carpets/soft furnishings. Any bright ideas?

lavenderrr Fri 11-Mar-05 22:22:32

bleach/febreze, replace the tile!

Branster Fri 11-Mar-05 22:28:15

wash with some warm water in wich you disolve a bit of biolocical washing powder, rinse well, dry, then wash with a solution of water&vinegar, then rinse really well

Branster Fri 11-Mar-05 22:28:51

or replace the grout? that's more porous than the tile itself, maybe that's where the smell comes from

nightowl Fri 11-Mar-05 22:40:05

is it cat spray? could be wrong but think theres a difference? if so its a bugger to get rid of.

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 11-Mar-05 22:45:54

Bicarbonate of soda?

suedonim Fri 11-Mar-05 23:28:23

Don't use bleach as that encourages the cat to pee in the same area again! Maybe use a strong solution of biological powder, leaving it on the floor for 30mins (assuming the tiles are waterproof). Orange peel is supposed to stop cats returning to the same place. And Lakeland sell an orange air spray, which is quite nice. I'm not a fan of air fresheners but when our old cat got incontinent I had to do something about the pong!

Willow2 Fri 11-Mar-05 23:33:32

Is it definitely cat wee? Only ask as we thought this was a problem in an old flat - but when we moved out we found several frog skeletons that had obviously decomposed with time. The cats had caught them and brought them in and I suspect that is what the smell was!!!

CarrieG Fri 11-Mar-05 23:34:20

If it's one particular spot you could try taping plastic over it (opened out carrier bag) as it makes the surface less 'inviting'.

Or just put something in that corner (piece of furniture, plant in pot) - anything to break the pattern. & then ensure there's a litter tray &/or access to outside within easy reach - so cat goes to pee there, & thinks 'Bugger. There's a socking great cheeseplant in my ablutions area. Hey ho - best go out then'...

Cleothecat Fri 11-Mar-05 23:38:15

I use a PH balancing spray from Vets on whatever surface that's required when we have problems with a stray that sometimes comes in to ours. Always kills the smell but rarely affects the cat actually invading our house ... Have read that you should put food in the spot as cats are very fastidious blah and won't srpay where they eat, even if it's a stray. Haven't ever tried it though...

humphrey Sat 12-Mar-05 07:57:47

I have used Bicarbanate on Soda on sick on the carpet and that gets rid of the smell so it should do the job of soaking the smell up

lilyblossom Sat 12-Mar-05 08:48:05

put tin foil on the floor they won't walk on it

Tanzie Sat 12-Mar-05 19:49:14

I never need an excuse for a Lakeland shop .
Have tried bio washing powder which seems to work well - until bloody cat pees again. Am loathe to stop her from peeing in the hall as she might pee upstairs on the carpets! It is definitely cat pee - she is 19 and as DD2 would say "she has lost her marbles."

nightowl Sat 12-Mar-05 19:54:36

try the food thing, my vet told me that aswell (never got round to trying it as the the cat just "stopped" for reasons unknown).

suedonim Sun 13-Mar-05 00:00:39

Could you put a litter tray down where she's peeing? At least that would catch it before it hits the floor!

Fran1 Sun 13-Mar-05 00:08:46

diluted ammonia to get rid of the smell. and pepper to stop them peeing there again!

BadHair Sun 13-Mar-05 00:20:38

Another vote for bicarb of soda. It was the only thing that got rid of the niff when our cat sprayed in my furry handbag.

jabberwocky Sun 13-Mar-05 03:35:42

Hmmm, don't know if this will work for tile but charcoal briquets are great for absorbing odor. I wonder if you crushed them and scattered them about for a few hours?

HellKat Sun 13-Mar-05 06:13:42

We've got 3 cats and only one piddles (the boy surprise surprise).
He only goes in the bathroom, pulls a towel down and goes. We used the food trick and the little git pulled a towel down ON TOP of the food and went anyway.
Luckily no smell as yet but interested to hear if anyone knows a sure fire way of stopping it.

Jen1133 Tue 10-Sep-19 10:53:49

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