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Moving house - it's scary...

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binker Fri 11-Mar-05 18:30:11

at long,long last after trying to sell and buy (2 years it's taken !) it looks as though we are about to uproot ourselves and move.
We've bought a very nice looking house in a nice town but mostly I'm feeling a mixture of nerves/anxiety/sadness,interspersed with tinges of excitement...
I've lived in this house for ages and grew up very close to where we are now...I adore this house too-I suppose I've put a lot of love and things into it and feel a kind of grief at having to leave it (though I know in the whole scheme of things that this move needs to be made - we'll be moving to the countryside and good schools for ds,plus we should be able to clear a debt we owe and reduce our mortgage - we are downsizing slightly- so our general quality of life should be fine). However I am scared of all the unknowns and unfamiliarity of a new house - how do all it's things work,for example - ?...DOES EVERYONE FEEL THIS WAY ? I'll miss my friends of course,though am sure we'll stay in touch and I feel ok about meeting new people...I'll also miss the London Evening Standard,which sounds daft !!

MaryP0p1 Fri 11-Mar-05 18:35:34

We moved out of London about 5 years ago and did a very similar thing to you. For us it was the best thing I could ever have done. I have loved my time in Essex and my children have had more of me and more freedom than they could have done in London. Plus we could afforded to have children as opposed to child.

I think everybody feels a bit nervous when a big change is about to happen but try to look at it as an adventure. I miss anything about London and still go back for visits. The best thing about visits is that I enjoy my time and when I bring friends I can be the expert!!.

By the way we're about to move again in the next few months and am feeling exactly the same. Our move is to Italy so I'll have all the normal things to get used to and a new language to become fluent in.

Don't worry it will be okay

kernowcat Fri 11-Mar-05 18:36:24

Hello Binker!

Look on it an as adventure? If a short while you'll create a bond with your new one and wont ever want to leave!

We moved 9months ago, the whole packing stuff up and not being able to find anything can get very stressful so try to plan ahead as much as possible (eg on the day you move in make sure you know where the nearest takeaway is and a bottle wine plus corkscrew!!!!)

I found doing some research on the area also helped. Good luck and try to enjoy it.

binker Fri 11-Mar-05 23:15:15 are both right...MaryPop1- when I read you are off to Italy I thought how exciting !!
Will try to be positive and realise that this feeling is all part of the process... good luck with Italy !

Fimbo Fri 11-Mar-05 23:25:09

Hi Binker,
Good luck - you will find everything works itself out. You could always find The London Evening Standard on line!!

We did a massive move 4.5 years ago from North Scotland to Southeast England. It was scary as my dd was only 2.5 at the time. It was scary taking her to groups to meet people but we soon got into the swing of it. She is now nearly 7 and we even had ds 15mths ago - I never even contemplated having another child when moving here as we didn't have any family to help us out in emergencies etc. Scotland will always be our home and if a job cropped up that was suitable for dh then we would move back again. But for now our life is here and we are happy. You will be too.

Surfermum Fri 11-Mar-05 23:33:44

Binker - I missed Capital Radio and the Evening Standard when I left London many moons ago! And I felt exactly like you when I moved from the Cotswolds down to Dorset. I was leaving a partner of 12 years, a job I loved, an area I loved and all my friends. Scarey and exciting at the same time. I can remember putting my belongings in my trusty Fiesta and setting off for the South Coast feeling like I'd stepped off a cliff.

My situation was slightly different to yours, but I can say that I've never regretted leaving London. And my move to Dorset resulted in me meeting dh and having dd!

binker Sat 12-Mar-05 11:21:58

aww,thanks for those thoughtful words - it's a comfort !

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