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whats going on?

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pleaserewind Fri 11-Mar-05 12:05:42

wheres active conversations gone? i usually go straight for that. Have i missed something?

PiccadillyCircus Fri 11-Mar-05 12:07:35

It's still there but expanded.

The second line down of the links has four options of Active Conversations - All Topics, Without Chat, Without buying/selling and Without chate or buying/selling. It says Active Conversations at the left hand side.

It confused me at first as well

psychomum5 Fri 11-Mar-05 12:07:43

they change the catagories....all topics,without chat, without selling/buying, without chat or buying/selling

pleaserewind Fri 11-Mar-05 12:09:42

oh yeah now i see it!

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