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Who is Sarah Green the presenter married to?

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SecondhandRose Fri 11-Mar-05 11:28:39

She's on This Morning for some reason I thought she was married to Philip Schofield but it's not him but something makes me think it is another celeb.


LIZS Fri 11-Mar-05 11:29:14

Isn't it Mike Smith ?

WigWamBam Fri 11-Mar-05 11:29:57

Mike Smith.

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 11:30:30

Message withdrawn

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 11:30:40

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:30:47

i always thought so too when i was younger and watching going live, that sarah and philip were married lol

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:31:15

penny smith fancies mariella frostrup

marialuisa Fri 11-Mar-05 11:31:40

I'm sure Penny Smith went out with Rory Bremner for a while, cod.

hermykne Fri 11-Mar-05 11:32:38

nailpolish how do you know

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:33:57

erm i read it in the papers so it must be true

they were on a hiking in the mountains holiday, and did someone not take a snap of them snogging in the tent?

LIZS Fri 11-Mar-05 11:34:05

cod, of what relevance is that ?? !!

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 11:34:21

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow Fri 11-Mar-05 11:34:34

Definately Mike Smith... or Mike something anyway...

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:34:40

i wouldnt say she was 'raving' tho

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 11:34:57

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Fri 11-Mar-05 11:35:28

I think Penny and Mariella are just 2 withered old spinster mates aren't they Oooonly kiddin!

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:35:44

she hides it on gmtv then, her and that kate with the big boobs are getting along really well too, whats her name?

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:36:07

lol gdg, is mariella single?

NomDePlume Fri 11-Mar-05 11:36:08

Is she still married to Mike Smith ? Didn't he batter the living crap out of her or was that someone else ? DH had such a crush on SG when he was a teenager

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:36:55

ndp, was that not kieth chegwin and his ex, with the black wavy hair, maggie something

NomDePlume Fri 11-Mar-05 11:37:50

you could be right. I'll look it up.

nailpolish Fri 11-Mar-05 11:38:19

oh let me know if you find out

PiccadillyCircus Fri 11-Mar-05 11:38:33

It was Mike Smith but can;'t remember if they split up or not.

LIZS Fri 11-Mar-05 11:40:42

They were injured in a helicoptor crash.

NomDePlume Fri 11-Mar-05 11:41:29

Can't find anything, I'm either crap at googling or they've had everything removed from the archives

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