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can I ask people who have a high command of the english language...

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scaredoflove Mon 03-Nov-08 01:31:14

not to have a go at people who don't put their point across very well. And that people don't read one sentence and not see the others that have been written and to read a persons post, not just other intrepretations of the post

Tonight has been the worst night I have since I left school. I am dyslexic and dyspraxic, I have no education after 15 year's

I have tried so hard to write what I'm thinking and it has been twisted and turned and misquoted and misunderstood

I have reppeated my self over and over but still it isn't good enough, still I'm gettiing sniped at

Typing takes me ages, I have to retype every word, i put words in the wrong places, I put a sentence from one place into the wrong place as my brain is thinking before I manage to type it, back space is my friend

thsis what it lokks like witouth back pace. iTHS is em touthtping. give em a break, and tops being do jugmental.

It isn't that my typing is bad, it is my difficulties, my typing is the least of my problems, put thoughts in words is worse

please be nice to us people, don't use your education to be smug and to look down on us.

wrinklytum Mon 03-Nov-08 01:34:07

Oh scared,ignore them.

You sound very erudite to me.

(I frequently make mistakes and am neither dyspraxic or dyslexic.)

LadyLaGore Mon 03-Nov-08 01:34:26

oh scared, i havent much of an education either. and i cant type for love nor money! i back space and correct all the time too. when i can be arsed.
dont feel picked on, i havent twisted anything youve said, i really honestly wanted to talk to you, have a discussion WITH you on that thread.

giraffescantdancethetango Mon 03-Nov-08 01:37:11

I sympathise, I am dyslexic and find it very hard sometimes to put things the way I want them to come out.

SuperBunny Mon 03-Nov-08 01:42:28

sad scared. Ignore them.

I have a degree and am a teacher but I often don't get my point accross very well and my typing is appalling. So, education doesn't necessarily make a difference. I'm even worse in real life - words fall out of my mouth before I have had a chance to think about what I am saying and it all sounds like gobbledigook (sp?). blush

scaredoflove Mon 03-Nov-08 01:43:36

it's so hard!

I have been discussing something important to me, I answer one post and then someone puts that answer on another post, then makes it look like i have said it about something else and I'm sure it was done on purpose

it has made others think I'm saying something I'm not

my mind is a jumble most of the time and tonight it has near exploded. I have read and reread what I have said, where I've said it and in relation to what was said. most of th time it made sense, people did agree and see what I said, then it all went wrong after a few things were quoted and questioned

why do people do it?

SuperBunny Mon 03-Nov-08 01:49:20

DO you want us to look at the thread? I haven't seen it so can't comment.

I think sometimes people come on MN, skim read something and respond, trying to be helpful. But things get mixed up sometimes and points missed and people get upset.

scaredoflove Mon 03-Nov-08 01:52:15

no, I don't want people to look at the thread

I just need to put a point out, and say it out loud to try and take a breath and stop the crying

chefswife Mon 03-Nov-08 01:57:09

scaredoflove you certainly got your point across clearly and elegantly right here. nice.

LadyLaGore Mon 03-Nov-08 02:00:53

scared, if mn is making you cry and you are feeling so upset, please, put it down and walk away. you need to be kind to yourslef and do that, ok?
sleep tight. smile

Tortington Mon 03-Nov-08 02:05:34

you'll be reet in the mornin'

Saturn74 Mon 03-Nov-08 02:15:29

SOL, you express yourself very eloquently.
Don't let anyone else make you feel bad about yourself.

Don't give yourself a headache by obsessively spell checking, editing and reposting either - I knew what you meant in the sentence that wasn't corrected, as would anyone.

I don't know which thread you are referring to, but if it is bringing you to tears, click 'hide' on it, and start a new thread if and when you are feeling up to it.

I have spent a great deal of time metaphorically kicking the asses of people who are too arrogant to appreciate the intelligence and hard work required to express yourself via the written word when you have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I'll watch your back. wink

Fillyjonk Mon 03-Nov-08 05:58:49

No but I do agree that there is a problem, and it is far far worse on MN than other boards.

As long as you (eventually) get your point acros, grammar and spelling should not matter. but my god it does. It is pure snobbery and infuriates me.

ghosty Mon 03-Nov-08 06:35:50

Lovely post by Humphrey Cushion - she'll be your wingman wink ... SOL, I haven't seen your thread but try to step away if MN upsets you. I hate it when people criticise people's grammar and spelling on here, it normally makes me leave a thread and not go back.

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