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What are you giving up for Lent?

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Bumblelion Tue 04-Mar-03 14:05:30

As today is Shrove Tuesday, I was wondering what you are giving up for Lent (the traditional period of fasting).

This year I am going to give up all fattening food and cigarettes - going to go cold turkey on both counts (as of midnight tonight!).

With luck, by the time Easter comes, the food cravings and cigarette cravings would have passed, so I won't want to start again. Fingers crossed, anyway.

breeze Tue 04-Mar-03 14:07:26

I will be giving up mumsnet. How long is lent again?

hmb Tue 04-Mar-03 14:10:33

Sex, easy for me as dh has gone away for at least all of Lent.

Jaybee Tue 04-Mar-03 14:11:39

Oh no - forgot it was Pancake Day - had better stop on the way home to buy some eggs. I think I will try and give up chocolate - I don't sound very convincing do I!!

whellid Tue 04-Mar-03 14:16:05

like Jaybee will try chocolate, but it's never worked before!

susanmt Tue 04-Mar-03 14:31:28

I don't try to give things up for lent, but instead try to do something positive. Last year I made time to meditate on scripture (the Bible, as I am a Christian) most days and it was great, really refreshing and fulfilling. I'm spiritual enough to do that, but not to give up chocolate, could never manage it!
Now you've reminded me I'll have to see if we have the stuff in for pancakes too! (plus think of something to do for lent while mopping up diahorrea from 2 sick children -aaaaaarrgh!)

Bugsy Tue 04-Mar-03 14:52:12

For a couple of years now during Lent, I have tried to say something pleasant to someone every day. Could just be the lady in the cornershop, a mum at ds's school but I just try to make an effort to look outside myself and think of someone else.
Just realised that this makes it sound like I never say anything nice to anyone normally!!

Rhubarb Tue 04-Mar-03 15:29:38

I should say something nice, like how I'll keep my temper during Lent, or smile every day, or tell dd and dh I love them every day, but that all sounds a bit naff. I can't think of anything to give up either as I don't have many bad habits, and no-one mention booze! I can't give up booze for 40 days! I could give up sex though

robinw Tue 04-Mar-03 19:10:32

message withdrawn

Chinchilla Tue 04-Mar-03 21:42:58

RobinW - my mum tells me that there is a special day, half way through Lent, in which you can have some of what you have given up. Not sure when though...sorry! I am giving up chocolate in a desperate attempt to try to to get back into the dieting frame of mind . However, I DID have two bars tonight to make up for it

Podmog Tue 04-Mar-03 22:51:08

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 05-Mar-03 09:07:10

Chinchilla, it's called Refreshment Sunday, and I *think* it usually coincides with Mothering Sunday, thereby enabling us to scoff our edible presents (in one day, of course). If your church has traditional music, you are also "allowed" more cheerful hymns (anyone else hate "Forty Days and Forty Nights" with a passion?) and a jollier mass setting.

oxocube Wed 05-Mar-03 09:32:58

Ds reckons I should give up nagging for Lent (charming!). Personally, I am going to try to give up alcohol from Monday to Friday and only indulge during the weekend. We'll see how long that one lasts

nerdgirl Wed 05-Mar-03 10:04:25

In Ireland, it's traditional to allow yourself the 'day off' from your Lenten sacrifice on Paddy's day and my mother used to let us off for birthday parties.

I am giving up fizzy drinks. God! I have too few vices!!

megg Wed 05-Mar-03 11:13:45

I was to be giving up chocolate but forgot until after I had had a bar. I'm going to try and give up meat, I'm sick of the stuff and I have been vegetarian before. We'll see how long it lasts anyway, probably until dp nags me into cooking chicken and I can't be bothered to do a separate meal for myself.

witch1 Wed 05-Mar-03 11:53:39

My dd told me she would give up sweets but not chocolate (soulds like a ruse to me) and that I should give up staying in bed so late in the mornings..I think it was 5 am this morning and everyone was ready to leave for school by 7.30......

Rhubarb Wed 05-Mar-03 15:29:45

Hmm, not sure about this 'Refreshment Day' malarky! You cheats! Lent goes back to the time Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert, 40 days and 40 nights. He never took a day off so I think really, Christians are supposed to abide by all of it. Not that I am condemning anyone who doesn't - I'm just jealous! It's actually very good to give something up as it trains your body to exercise self-control. The stronger your sense of self-control, the less likely you are to become addicted to anything. You see, you are supposed to be able to control the material things around you, not them you. So I'm giving up crisps and chocolates in the hope that my stamina will become stronger and I can beat my alcoholic cravings too! Oh and for Christian reasons too!

Chinchilla Wed 05-Mar-03 20:55:34

Ah, but Rhubarb, surely giving up three things will be too much for your system to bear? You'll go mad with cravings, and go on a rampage, mowing down old ladies in the street, to get a bar of chocolate Much more sensible to have a 'day off' half way through...well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Rhubarb Wed 05-Mar-03 21:30:34

S'alright Chinchilla, all the old ladies are safe - I don't much like chocolate anyway! Why do you think I'm giving it up!!

Janeway Wed 05-Mar-03 22:19:44

Reading through the current threads, apparently we're giving up careers, sleep, social lives, self esteem & confidence and our figures & fashion sence - hope they'll come back in 40 days.....

Tortington Thu 06-Mar-03 09:31:35

me too jane way! am giving up crisp and so are two of my kids and one is giving up chocolate - for religeos reasons - might start going back to church during lent too!

Chinchilla Thu 06-Mar-03 21:37:47

Rhubarb Why didn't I think of that? I'm giving up carrots, cauliflower and mushrooms!

robinw Fri 07-Mar-03 06:40:33

message withdrawn

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