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anyone find details of other poeples sex lives, er like tmi?

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Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 17:58:16

Message withdrawn

FrenchGirl Thu 10-Mar-05 18:01:31


lockets Thu 10-Mar-05 18:01:39

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:05:32

Cod, you started the 'do you use sex as a weapon' thread though.

jampots Thu 10-Mar-05 18:06:10

yes and no one "knows" us and we could be lying

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 18:07:46

To be fair cod, nutty is right. Don't start a thread on sex if you don't want to read about sex !

tamula Thu 10-Mar-05 18:07:56

It makes for a juicy interesting read and cheaper than any magazine. Albeit sometimes funny, sad or outrageous!

Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 18:08:02

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 10-Mar-05 18:08:03

resounding YES to online

(but can chat about anything to RL friends)

Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 18:09:26

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:10:01

Have to say anyway it really brightened my day as i was feeling quite shitty, but spent all afternoon chuckling thanks to those threads. Even had a stupid grin on my face walking to school, thinking of those threads.

and i was in a don't care who knows what mood today so don't care if i gave out tmi, i didn't forcer anyone to read it.

Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 18:10:30

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 10-Mar-05 18:12:31

I don't think its age its having children that does it

I have got increasingly prudish as my children have been born get older

if they even so much as dare to think about getting up to any of the things I did in my 20s they will be in serious trouble (I actually mean thtat too )

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:13:24

Hmmm yeah see your point, how old are you then ?????

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 18:13:24

F'kin 'ell Cod. If you consider sex at 34 to be geriatric and ewww, then you've got a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng next 40 or so years ahead....

Keane Thu 10-Mar-05 18:13:36

yes me too i agree cod
how weird!

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:14:27

Your only 34 , god i hope i am not that prudish at 34. Was kinda hoping i'd be even worse than i am now

Twiglett Thu 10-Mar-05 18:14:30

I must admit I am now curious to find and read the sex threads to see what I can feel suitably prudish about

boiledegg Thu 10-Mar-05 18:14:53

yes and threads about masturbation also. soon there'll be threads about wife swapping.

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 18:15:14

hahahaha twiglett

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:15:39

Lol Twig

Keane Thu 10-Mar-05 18:16:18

well we all love dick, some of us dont need to talk about it so much

lockets Thu 10-Mar-05 18:16:24

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 18:17:49

PMSL Keane . It's been siad a thousand times before but....


Or is that obvious ?

nutcracker Thu 10-Mar-05 18:17:54

PMSL Keane

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