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Anyone want to share their tips for working a night shift please?

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MadreInglese Thu 30-Oct-08 14:12:30

I have my first night shift coming up this weekend (10pm-3am so only a little one)

How do those of you who do nights cope with the tiredness? Do I need to get a loooooong night's sleep the night before, or exercise or not (have aerobics class booked beforehand), or eat stodge or salad, or drink lots of coffee or water or both....?

Any tips appreciated, thanks.

mosschops30 Thu 30-Oct-08 14:16:16

Ooh that sounds like a nice night shift smile I do 12.5 hours.

Normally before my first night shift I will sleep 4-5 hours and that will normally see me through. Eat little and often throughout your night. Drink whatever works for you, I suppose water is probably best but I tend to guzzle tea.
Wont apply to you but I always wear sunglasses when leaving work in the morning to fool my brain into thinking its darker than it is.
Use an eyemask to sleep in the day.
Unplug your phone and put a note on the door to say youre working nights

HTH, have fun smile (I feckin hate nights)

sazzerbear Thu 30-Oct-08 14:16:55

My dh occasionally works nights, try to get as much sleep as you can before your shift and when you get home go straight to bed even if you feel awake (don't even have a shower etc as it will wake you up). Basically, treat the night shift as if you were working a normal day. Earplugs help! Good luck! grin

MadreInglese Thu 30-Oct-08 14:19:06

Oh, I didn't think about sleeping beforehand, don't normally go to bed until about 11 anyway.

Thanks for those tips - it's samaritans mosschops so not sure how 'nice' it will be smile but 12.5 hours sounds like a long slog!

Thank goodness we have blackout blinds!

mosschops30 Thu 30-Oct-08 14:36:35

Good luck madre, Im sure you will be fine. I normally find Im so busy and stressed that Im wide awake through my shift anyway.

MadreInglese Thu 30-Oct-08 14:37:47

Thanks, I'm hoping to be kept busy so it doesn't drag!

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