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my FWB is coming over tonight. he's asking me what fantasies i would like to fulfil ...

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nappyaddict Mon 27-Oct-08 13:26:26

i need ideas! my mind's blank!

harleyd Mon 27-Oct-08 13:27:05

whats a fwb?

cocoleBOO Mon 27-Oct-08 13:27:46

Friend With Bollocks.

FimboGotAxed Mon 27-Oct-08 13:27:48

Wot harley said.

NomDePlume Mon 27-Oct-08 13:27:49

what, like sexual fantasies ?


cocoleBOO Mon 27-Oct-08 13:27:58


NomDePlume Mon 27-Oct-08 13:28:26

How on earth can we tell you what YOUR fantasies are ?!

twinsetandpearls Mon 27-Oct-08 13:29:08

Does he have a penis as well or just bollocks?

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Oct-08 13:29:21

Is it a FuckWit Boyfriend?

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Oct-08 13:29:48

If it is a fkwit boy my fantasy would involve bollocks and sharp kicks to the

FimboGotAxed Mon 27-Oct-08 13:29:58

Lol at WWW

scaryfucker Mon 27-Oct-08 13:30:03

lol @ cocole

although a "fwb" could be a woman, and they don't generally have bollocks

hmm your fantasies are your own, so we shouldnt be suggesting anything really

CarminaBanana Mon 27-Oct-08 13:30:36

God, I'd love one of those.

cocoleBOO Mon 27-Oct-08 13:31:29

No penis twinset, that would be FWB&P.

<<know all>>

scaryfucker Mon 27-Oct-08 13:31:31

...although we would be very interested if you share yours and then tell us how it goes....

<perv emoticon>

twinsetandpearls Mon 27-Oct-08 13:32:07

Mine woul be Fanjo Without Burning

CarminaBanana Mon 27-Oct-08 13:32:35

My fantasies:

Bring a bottle and a take-away.
Put the children to bed.
Do the ironing.
Clean the bathroom.
Run me a bath and light some candles.
Tuck me up on the sofa with a pillow and duvet.
Shut the door quietly on your way out. grin

FimboGotAxed Mon 27-Oct-08 13:32:43

C'mon NA. We are all agog.

scaryfucker Mon 27-Oct-08 13:33:10

aww twinset, you poor thing

your fanjo is really on your mind toay isn't it

sorkycake Mon 27-Oct-08 13:33:14

ooh unless he open to fulfilling them tell him to frig off.

'second the fantasies are your own' thought.

test him out with "I like horsey-play" see where it leads you (no pun intended)

nappyaddict Mon 27-Oct-08 13:33:14

grin at some of these.

Friend With Benefits.

My fantasies aren't possible. They involve an aeroplane or Brad Pitt grin

But am open to trying other people's suggestions. I just can't think of any at the moment except for the obvious ones of 3somes, domination, sex in public etc

Cheesesarnie Mon 27-Oct-08 13:33:21


BitOfFun Mon 27-Oct-08 13:33:54

perhaps he could cook for you, run you a bath and get up with the kids so you can have a lie in? Or is that not the kind of thing?

cocoleBOO Mon 27-Oct-08 13:34:58

HA! I was close.

<<awaits prize>>

sorkycake Mon 27-Oct-08 13:34:59

tell him you'd love some unbridled passion.

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