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Nuttys decorating saga continues

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nutcracker Wed 09-Mar-05 11:31:58

Ok, i banished dp from dd's room after he painted the walls and went too far up the one wall with the bottom colour

Anyway the ceiling also needs redoing because he used cheap emulsion and it didn't cover properly. I have just had a quick go at it but we have no ladders so i am up and down off the chair every 5 seconds to move the chair, ds kept screaming at me form the landing, and baiscially it was just no good.

So now i have to crawl to dp to re do the ceiling after i told him never to touch my house again .

Then i have re do the walls in shocking pink al over to cover his mistakes and then do the border.

Why oh why couldn't i have got it toghether with handy andy instead of colin.

misdee Wed 09-Mar-05 11:39:41

are u using a roller for the ceiling? if u are then tape a broom handle to the handle. no need for a chair then.

nutcracker Wed 09-Mar-05 11:41:27

I did think of that but couldn't find the bloody tape. The edges look crappy too now, although if i've got to do the walls again i can still fix that.

To think there is still 2 rooms to , fills me with horror.

LIZS Wed 09-Mar-05 11:43:19

You can buy extension handles for a roller - did our over stairs bit and ceilings with one.

hub2dee Wed 09-Mar-05 12:30:38

Defo want a screw extension roller thingy. Go to any decorator's merchants, or a DIY shop. 6ft long about a tenner. Will make life a lot easier.

Also this gives incredibly fast coverage on walls if you've got a large paint bucket.

Good luck. BTW, for crappy edges, you want to do the ceiling first, overlapping onto the wall a teensy bit, and then do what is called 'cutting in' with the wall colour. Get up the ladder, ideally a rounded head good quality brush, and steadily and slowly paint horizontally, allowing a tiny bead of pain to ooze a perfect horizontal line (the brush head will take care of coverage below).

Alternatively some kind of decorative frieze could hide any accidents.


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