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should grandparents etc who mind children get paid?

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helsi Tue 08-Mar-05 21:10:33

My mum has minded dd for 2 full days a week for the past 2 years. It has saved me hundreds of pounds that I would have paid to a childminder and mum still puts as much effort into looking after dd - they go on outings, mum feeds her, changes her plays with her etc etc for no recompense at all. I buy her flowers etc as a thank you but I feel that they should be recognised as proper carers in the governments eyes - what does anyone else think?

WideWebWitch Tue 08-Mar-05 21:11:47

The minute you pay someone they have to conform to childminder regulation etc I think.

AnnieQ Tue 08-Mar-05 21:13:08

Only if SAH parents are recognised as proper carers in the government's eyes and given similar recompense.

Trifle Tue 08-Mar-05 21:13:40

Grandparents are already recognised in the Governments eyes. They are a few of the only people who can legally look after children (other than parents) without having to be registered as official childminders and undergo the various legal requirements to do so.

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:16:08

Yes they can look after them but aren't counted as a form of childcare when applying for help with childcare fees.

My mom would love to have my kids for me but i cannot afford to pay her and she cannot afford to not be paid. If the IR would see them as recognised childcare it would solve alot of my probs.

KatieMac Tue 08-Mar-05 21:17:22

However they can register as Childminders or as the new 'nanny' status.....

huggybear Tue 08-Mar-05 21:17:34

My mil looks after her grandaughters during the week and i think she gets the child benifit, it means that she can take them to playgroups and buy them anything they need. I think my sister in law does it this way so she feels less like shes taking advantage of them.

Tinker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:18:49

But if they became registered and were paid you would be eligible for childcare help no? Being grandparents doesn't bar them from being registered does it?

lavenderrr Tue 08-Mar-05 21:19:40

I don't think so because for what they do for you, you will do for does not always have to involve money...there is such a thing as doing it for the love of your sorry but why would any want payment for such an enjoyable thing....what is the world coming too?????

KatieMac Tue 08-Mar-05 21:19:50

Absolutely Tinker....

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:20:57

No thats true she could register but she lives in a small flat, would they still let her childmind 3 kids then ???

KatieMac Tue 08-Mar-05 21:22:10

Some G-P can't afford to give up work, and this would enable the Mums to claim upto 70% childcare costs (same as Nurseries/Childminders etc). iT MIGHT MAKE LOOKING AFTER YOUR g/c EASIER (sorry about the caps accident!!)

Tinker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:22:12

I imagine for some grandparetnt it is not such an enjoyable thing. They are doing it to help parents.

KatieMac Tue 08-Mar-05 21:23:02

Maybe not three - if it's too small

How many grand children does she look after?

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:23:27

My mom couldn't afford to do it for nothing Lavenderr.

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:24:43

Non at the mo, but it would be one 2 year old probably four days a week and then the two elder ones after school and on school hols. Elder ones are 7 and 5.

KatieMac Tue 08-Mar-05 21:30:24

Yep can't see OFSTED refusing that unless she is in a bedsit - if the flat is seriously too small she can register as a Home Minder and do it at one of the children's homes.

She'd need to show that she wouldn't stay in all day everyday and that they would visit the park/ducks/toddler group regularly, if there is no garden

Look on for a bit more info or CAT me

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 21:32:08

Ahh right thanks for that. Will have a chat to her. She works at the mo but has been thinking of giving it up or drastically reducing her hours, so it could work now.
She could definatly mind here if that were allowed, infact that would be better.

bibiboo Tue 08-Mar-05 21:38:33

I cannot imagine my g/parents or M&FIL accepting payment off us, but it hasn't come to that stage yet as I'm still on mat leave. I can see the point though, if they have mortgages still to pay or are giving up work to look after the grandchildren, it's only right they get paid.

champs Tue 08-Mar-05 21:50:54

understand what you mean helsi my mum goes far beyond the call of duty (sounds abit weird typed) but she wouldn't accept any form of payment. she even tells me off if i sent food or milk with kiddies.
she does it out of working hours but she does leave early on days that i have to start early and dh is on shift at the time.

lavenderrr Tue 08-Mar-05 21:54:48

so would parents or government pay for this realistically?

Branster Tue 08-Mar-05 22:00:37

I certainly don't think they should be paid and more to the point not from government's money. it just doesn't seem right somehow. I ahve to agree with lavenderrr view taht you'd do it for the love of your family.

Tinker Tue 08-Mar-05 22:02:46

But if they are registered as childminders and paid at same rate as childminders why wouldn't parents be eligible for same tax credits?

Hulababy Tue 08-Mar-05 22:03:45

Why shouldn't you be able to pay them? They are providing a service. And when they are looking after your child, they cannot be earning money in another job. Yet, some grandparents would prefer to look after the grandchildren than do an alternatiuve job, but can't afford too. By allowing grandparents to be paid (and parents claiming from Governmenet like you can do with other forms of childcare) it makes it an option for more families.

It is all very well saying that they should do it out of love - by love doesn't pay the bills and the mortgage does it?

nutcracker Tue 08-Mar-05 22:05:35

If they are registered as childminders then they would get what every other childminder gets, no more no less. Some of there wages would be paid by the parents and some by tax credits. How is it any differnt to me getting a stranger who childminds ???

This way i would be completely comfortable with who was having the kids and my mom cvould be ultra flexible on hours etc and be getting paid for doing a job.

My mom cannot afford not to work. I would have to pay her and why not, it is bloody hard work looking after my 3 all day.

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