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So what is the general consesus these days on gollywog toys?

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MadreInglese Thu 23-Oct-08 14:17:12

I thought they were banned but have just seen a shelf full in a local gift shop.

Are they acceptable again now or have this shop made a boob?


Rhubarb Thu 23-Oct-08 14:19:15

They're not supposed to be called Gollywogs.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 23-Oct-08 14:20:05

Generally considered not acceptable but some people collect them as kitsch.

Cheesesarnie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:21:21

gollies are ok imo but if you dare say on here its wrong.youll get links to all sorts of websites .


MadreInglese Thu 23-Oct-08 14:26:40

They were defintely labelled gollywogs. I was just surprised to see them as it's quite a popular shop (if a little posh and pricey) and I thought they were a no-no.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 23-Oct-08 14:28:37

I think it's significant that it was a gift shop rather than a toyshop - I'd be more surprised if I saw them aimed at kids.

Cremolatorium Thu 23-Oct-08 14:28:52

just no

Blu Thu 23-Oct-08 14:29:03

My personal pov is that I wouldn't give one house room.

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