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Sainsbury's have stopped stocking 'NATURE' nappies...

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notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 19:30:47

... I would like to complain about this, but where do I write to/send e-mail to?

Waswondering Mon 20-Oct-08 19:31:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 19:32:34

The 'helpful' assistant didn't know when I asked at the weekend

But said they had stopped and were using their 'Eco' brand instead

llareggub Mon 20-Oct-08 19:33:29

Victims of the credit crunch, perhaps?

notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 19:34:24

The Eco ones aren't as good

Not made from bio-degradable material

nooOOOoonki Mon 20-Oct-08 19:42:05

How really annoying, will have to go to boots instead

notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 19:50:23

Boots, Waitrose and the Co-ey

All out of my way, massively (well, not Waitrose but times are hard wink)

So, who do I e-mail?

LittleMyDancingWithTheDevil Mon 20-Oct-08 20:03:20

you could order them online in bulk from Boots or Waitrose, then you don't have to go out of your way?

(in bulk to make the delivery charge worth it)

ilovemydog Mon 20-Oct-08 20:04:40

were in sainbury's today hmm

Waswondering Mon 20-Oct-08 20:06:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LackaDAISYcal Mon 20-Oct-08 20:07:51

Don't get sainsbo's own eco ones. Tried them last week and although I was impressed by their wasn't so impressive it happening when they were still on the baby wink

seriously; they were leaky and nasty and no matter how tight the waist band, fall down after just one wee in them.

ilovemydog Mon 20-Oct-08 20:11:08

Oh, maybe it was the eco version I saw? Is this the same as the Nature version?

notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 20:29:28

'Nature' is an independent brand

'Eco' is Sainsbury's own label nappy

Ilovemydog - maybe they were selling until stocks run out?

notnowbernard Mon 20-Oct-08 20:42:34

Found where to e-mail them, so just have

llareggub Mon 20-Oct-08 22:39:38

completely off topic but I do like your username, notnowbernard.

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 20:51:42

Got an e-mail back from Sainsbury's. They have stopped Nature nappies angry

I e-mailed them back to say thankyou for their prompt reply supplying me with the information I'd requested, and that I shall be buying my Nature nappies from Waitrose as an alternative grin

Llareggub - thanks! It was dd1's fave book at time of joining MN and I was reading it about 20 times a day at the time smile

What does YOUR name mean?!

spicemonster Wed 22-Oct-08 20:54:11

FFS - they have just got a really big store here and I thought I would go there (because the parking is a bit shite at Waitrose and I'm trying to be cost conscious). I would have thought Finchley Road is prime Nature nappy territory too.

Another reason not to shop there ...

CandleQueen Wed 22-Oct-08 20:54:31

Bernard, I'm sorry the monster ate you (I love the book!)

Could you post that email address so I can complain?!

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 20:58:51

CQ - if you go to Sainsbury's website and the 'contact us' section, it gives instructions on how to e-mail them

llareggub Wed 22-Oct-08 22:18:26

notnowbernard, read my name backwards. wink

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 22:41:26


Wouldn't have sussed that in a million years


llareggub Wed 22-Oct-08 22:50:27

I can't claim originality, it was Dylan Thomas's fictional village in Under Milk Wood. I loved it as soon as I read it!

notnowbernard Wed 22-Oct-08 22:52:39



llareggub Wed 22-Oct-08 22:54:12

Well it helps that I went to school in his home city and as schoolchildren we were forced into reading his stuff lots and lots...

MrsSplat Wed 22-Oct-08 22:56:22

Saw 'Nature' ones in ToysRUs too, if that's any help.

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