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What do you think of this Stag do?

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easterchick Mon 07-Mar-05 14:52:05

DH has been invited to a Stag weekend of a good friend. Friend has opted to have it in UK but miles away from anyone's home. It will take DH 5 hours to get there.

The reason for the far away location is that an activity has been organised. The activity lasts 2 hours. If DH doesn't leave until Saturday he may not make it for the activity so theoretically would be travelling 5 hours and paying train fare for a night in a pub.

He can't tell whether he is being unreasonable not wanting to travel that far for one night or whther the friend is being unreasonable expecting all his friends to travel that far for one night. OK, some will be able to arrive in the Friday if they can get the day off work. DH can't.

How far should we put ourselves out for friends bachelor/ette parties? How far did you expect peopel to travle for yours?

Expectantmum Mon 07-Mar-05 14:56:06

Is it the stag night for a close member of family or good friend? If it is then I would possibly put in the effort to go, but if not then I think they are being slightly unreasonable in expecting people to travel that far, especially for a two hour activity!

WestCountryLass Mon 07-Mar-05 14:56:45

My DH went to Amsterdam but my DH was the first in his group to get married and all the blokes were up for it.

zubb Mon 07-Mar-05 14:57:54

Can he not travel up Friday night? even if he gets there late - 11 / 12, then he's there for the 'activity' the next day.
I suppose it depends on how close a friend it is really. Dh has been to stag do's a few hours away, and a couple abroad for a weekend, and as he can't take time off work is usually the last to get there on a Friday, but then has all day Saturday with everyone.
As for my hen night, some people travelled up to 4 hours for one Saturday night, and then stayed over before a 4 hour journey back.

vict17 Mon 07-Mar-05 15:01:02

I sympathise because weddings and stag/hen do's can get way out of hand in terms of cost. However if it is a good friend/relative then I think it's important to make the effort. A friend of mine is getting married this year. The hen night will be up North (I live down South) and so will the wedding. Both will be expensive and I'll have to save up. But I will make the effort because she did for mine iyswim. And she'll only get married once (hopefully). I will be thnakful in a few years time when we're all a bit older and hopefully the current spate of weddings will be over!!!!!

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