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Moving House and doing it up - tips please

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Tillysmummy Fri 28-Feb-03 08:51:42

We are going to be moving house shortly and although I love and currently live in a period property we are moving to a new house. Basically in the area we wanted to be in , Northwood in Middlesex, we couldn't find what we were looking for. Any period property's we saw needed too much work and I don't want to miss these precious tiny years with so much work going so we have opted for a newish house (8 years old). It has also freed up some more money to spend on it to make it how we would like. I want to go with the moderness and put in some contemporary furniture. We are going to put in modern bathrooms etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for the doors and handles. I know this is a minor detail but I want to do something nice / interesting with them. At the moment they are painted gloss with brass handles. We thought we'd paint them matt and change the handles but I don't know what too. My current house has original wood doors which look lovely but I don't think they would look right in a new house.

Also wanting to do up dd's bedroom very girly and pink with some nice new furniture and importantly some good curtains. Can anyone suggest good children's furniture stockists - I have been looking at Great Little Trading Company but wondered if anyone has any more ideas. I am also really keen to get some good curtains with blackoutg as soon as possible. Again any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated. I know it will take time to get them ordered etc. Great Little Trading Company advertised some black out curtains that looked good - has anyone had any experience with these ?

prufrock Fri 28-Feb-03 11:17:11

Definately paint in matt rather than gloss - that's just so (dare I use it) passe, darling.
Don't limit yourself to white either - all our doors are painted to tone with the rooms. We have chrome handles on them - teh long thin ones rather than round knobs. I have also seen very funky coloured glass knobs that might work.

For dd'd room - we got our curtains made up in a beautiful DG fabric with coloured blackout lining from John Lewis . They come and measure and fit them. But I probably wouldn't do this again as there are still chinks of light above and below, and you have to have pencil pleat which makes it v. expensive. A friend went for a roller blind to fit inside the window in the plain coloured blackout lining, and then curtains as well in a patterned fabric. This worked out cheaper and more effective.

Tillysmummy Fri 28-Feb-03 11:31:17

Thanks Prufrock, that's great thanks ! I will definitely look into the roller blind and then curtains. Where did she get them ? Do you know ? I know what you mean about being passe ! I am looking to make it all quite different. The thing I've always disliked about new houses is when they try and make them like period homes. For example this house has the most disgusting, ornate fireplace which just looks so out of place in the room ! Where did you get your chrome handles ? I guess places like John Lewis and B & Q do them ?

prufrock Fri 28-Feb-03 11:34:42

Mine were there when we bought - new build flat. But I know Heals and Purves and Purves have a really good range - but probably more pricey than you could find elsewhere. She got John Lewis to make up the curtains/blind option, again - you could probably by cheaper locally.

SoupDragon Sat 01-Mar-03 10:10:02

Make sure it's a wipeable matt finish though - think of all those sticky fingers! Pale wooden doors can look nice in a modern house though.

B&Q have some chrome door handles, as do Knobs and Knockers (which I wanted to include simply because I love the name!)

prufrock Sun 02-Mar-03 10:14:07

Indy had a feature on best delivery services for babies today including for furniture

prufrock Sun 02-Mar-03 10:14:34

Sorry -it was actually Saturdays paper

lou33 Sun 02-Mar-03 14:15:33

Screwfix direct have chrome door handles too, we just got them, and they seem to be quite cheap compared to others. We did have a big order though so we got free delivery, otherwise I think it is £4.95 p&p.They are good for other bits and bobs re: diy too.

ks Sun 02-Mar-03 16:42:42

Message withdrawn

bossykate Sun 02-Mar-03 17:29:47

fwiw, we recently had the "satin" finish (looks almost completely matte to me) on some new wardrobes we had built in. i hate the feel of it and am convinced when it starts to get finger marky it will be harder to clean than gloss... got our brushed chromes knobs at b&q no problem...

misspastry Sun 02-Mar-03 23:12:50

I couldn't resist this thread, theres only one type of paint to use on wood, eggshell, no stickiness, so easy to apply and gives a lovely finish! also laura ashley have some nice fabrics for girls rooms, good luck.

robinw Mon 03-Mar-03 19:30:45

message withdrawn

ks Mon 03-Mar-03 20:05:38

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Mon 03-Mar-03 21:15:43

ks, go for a wall mounted sink to make the bathroom look larger. And whatever tile you do use make sure it is light colored.
Robinw, I'm a big believer in white walls. And add the color in the furniture, artwork, and rugs etc. Our house is victorian with most of the original details and we are painting it pretty much everywhere with Brilliant White (the stuff you get everywhere in the super large tubs) and the woodwork (skirting, picture rails, window/door frames) in light grey satinwood (Dulux - Mistral ) and it looks really great(if i say so myself). The Brilliant White is a more modern white than would traditionally be used and the grey gives it a crisp, but conservative tone.

GillW Tue 04-Mar-03 09:08:51

Tillysmummy - For children's furniture Ciderwoods have a big selection. There's always Ikea for a good range of reasonably priced childrens sized chairs and tables etc - you can always repaint things to match your colour schemes.

susanmt Tue 04-Mar-03 11:26:54

ks - depends how much you have to spend, but I LOVE Fired Earth for tiles. We are trying to justify buying them for our bathroom! For floor tiles, Wickes are cheapest as far a we know.

SoupDragon Tue 04-Mar-03 11:31:14

Don't use white if your walls are covered in woodchip. Dust and dirt settles (and shows) on all the little chips and it looks awful! Well, woodchip looks awful anyway but I think this probably applies to any textured paper.

Nice flat white walls look lovely though.

sprout Tue 04-Mar-03 13:00:27

Hello, Tillysmummy - I grew up in Northwood Mx, and my mum & dad still live there. I wasn't too keen on the place as a teenager, but now I haven't lived in the UK for twelve years and I came over all homesick reading the name! Enjoy your new house.

NQWWW Tue 04-Mar-03 13:30:05

A friend of mine wants to do her ds' bedroom with an Elmer theme, and would like to get some brightly coloured check fabric for curtains. Has anyone here seen such a thing?

Enid Tue 04-Mar-03 14:26:22

Farrow and ball Lime White everywhere.

sed Tue 04-Mar-03 16:48:33

Either Crown or Dulux do one called Free Spirit which is almost exactly the same colour as Farrow and Balls Lime White. OK, so it hasn't got the flat texture of the really posh ones, but about half the price and we use it for corridors, ceilings and son on -and keep the Lime White for places where it really shows. We have a very old house (16th century) so try and be authentic where possible but we're not millionnaires!

robinw Tue 04-Mar-03 18:36:11

message withdrawn

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