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WARNING Virus circulating msn again

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Yorkiegirl Sun 06-Mar-05 21:13:56

Message withdrawn

lou33 Sun 06-Mar-05 21:15:11

misdee has already warned yg!

Yorkiegirl Sun 06-Mar-05 21:16:31

Message withdrawn

wobblyknicks Sun 06-Mar-05 21:18:00

Just 'got it' from you YG! Luckily didn't opne it because it could have be rood (and I'm not alone) but many thanks to tammybear who warned me about a minute later!

Yorkiegirl Sun 06-Mar-05 21:18:58

Message withdrawn

wobblyknicks Sun 06-Mar-05 21:20:13

Don't worry, wouldn't open it without finding out what it was, thought it was odd when I replied to you asking and you didn't answer.

essbee Sun 06-Mar-05 21:22:22

Message withdrawn

lou33 Sun 06-Mar-05 21:47:47

didnt open mine either but i ahve found 2 infected files

essbee Sun 06-Mar-05 22:09:29

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 06-Mar-05 22:46:40

may have it, what do i do? dont want pc to die on me. cant get new norton put on till tomorrow.

MistressMary Sun 06-Mar-05 22:47:53

Havent recieved anthing like this but my msn is not happpy bunny either.

GeorginaA Sun 06-Mar-05 23:00:10

misdee: use AVG - it's free and very effective - you can download now.

AVG Free Edition

After that I strongly recommend an adware/spyware check - SpyBot is very good and is also free.

misdee Sun 06-Mar-05 23:01:24

we just ran a spyware programme and dh removed 9 files i think which were infected.

GeorginaA Sun 06-Mar-05 23:02:03

Oh and can I recommend using Trillian as an instant messenger of choice - supports MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM without most of the security flaws...

GeorginaA Sun 06-Mar-05 23:02:53

misdee you'll need to run an antivirus as well - the spyware appears to be only a biproduct of the initial virus - it's a trojan/backdoor thing.

jampots Sun 06-Mar-05 23:20:36

Thanks Georgina - i ran Spybot (already hadit) and it removed 37 problems and am now running AVG and it has found 2 trojans which say Dialer 15.W so thanks again.

How does trillian work?

jampots Sun 06-Mar-05 23:20:40

Thanks Georgina - i ran Spybot (already hadit) and it removed 37 problems and am now running AVG and it has found 2 trojans which say Dialer 15.W so thanks again.

How does trillian work?

GeorginaA Sun 06-Mar-05 23:24:14

Trillian: you set up your logins/name for each messenger programme you want to use, then sorts it all out for you there. People are colour coded as to which system they're on, but you don't really have to know that - you just click on the person you want to chat to and get on with it, without worrying about which network you are on.

You don't get full functionality, but a large proportion - I've managed multiple people chats on MSN quite happily even though I'm not using that software. I see the picture links etc.

Primarily, I use it because I have friends on ICQ, AIM and MSN and there was no way I was going to run 3 separate messenger programmes at once. But the security issues are also a bonus

Gwenick Sun 06-Mar-05 23:25:40

I 2nd that - Trillian is fantastic - no problems at all with it

misdee Sun 06-Mar-05 23:30:06

am using the AVG anti virus, so far 3 infections, 2 are trojans and one virus.

jampots Sun 06-Mar-05 23:49:46

4 trojans now and still scanning

GeorginaA Mon 07-Mar-05 17:56:34

Incidentally, from what I read last night, this particular virus is a bit like nits () in that it can reside in several files - if you miss one, it can then reinfect the entire PC again. Strongly recommend you do a virus sweep every day for a few days just to double check you got everything.

I'll post this to the other virus threads too.

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