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Strange phone call

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LoubieLou04 Sat 05-Mar-05 22:36:13

Just thought I'd post this to alert you all. The other day my dh got a call on his mobile from a bloke telling him to stop calling his girl and he knew where he lived and was going to come and knee cap him/kill him. DH explain wrong number but bloke carried on ranting. We reported it to police. DH works away so i've been very scared until a friends brother got the same call so we now know it's a prank call going round. his mate had the brains to phone up straight after and let him know it was a joke, whoever sent it to my dh still hasn't owned up. I think it's from some advert in fhm mag. At moment I am fuming as I already feel vunerable being home alone most of the time, didn't need that. So beware

unicorn Sat 05-Mar-05 22:37:57

sounds totally out of order.. must be able to complain to stop this surely?

SPARKLER1 Sat 05-Mar-05 22:38:29

{angry] how bloody stupid. How can they get away with advertising something like that? Hope your dh is okay now.

sparklymieow Sat 05-Mar-05 22:38:35

someone else had this prank played on them recently. Its a sick prank. Wonder how many people have report it to the police?

wheresmyfroggy Sat 05-Mar-05 22:39:58

you'd have to complain to whoever ordered it.
nothing to do with the company, they just offer a service i'm afraid

wobblyknicks Sat 05-Mar-05 22:40:18

surely if enough people called the police about it they'd step in?

expatinscotland Sat 05-Mar-05 22:40:52

That's been going around. I had that sort of call from a lassie way back in 2002. She hung up being the one scared .

LoubieLou04 Sat 05-Mar-05 22:43:24

Now we know hope I can convince dh to put the rolling pin back in the kitchen drawer instead of the bed side table.

HappyDaddy Sun 06-Mar-05 00:03:20

Tell your mobile provider, they take this kind of thing VERY seriously cos it can affect custom. They have all sorts of ways of tracing and dealing with them, just ask my exwife!

nightowl Sun 06-Mar-05 00:29:51

dont think theres any way to complain about these calls. theyre in the back of virtually every magazine you read, lots of them. apparently the perpetrator can now listen in on the call as a "third party" and the machine responds in time to your voice to make it even more realistic (where as years ago, i beleive it was just a message with a series of pauses and the person playing the joke had to be in the same room as the "victim", and only heard their side of the conversation). ds's dad recently got one and he was actually quite frightened (yeah, yeah, he didnt admit it but i can read him like a book) he phoned up everyone he knew including me until i managed to convince him that it was just one of these calls.

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