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What do you do when you buy something off a mumsnetter but it doesn't arrive?

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wellybobby Wed 15-Oct-08 11:33:12

I don't think the seller is dodgy at all! I'm just looking for some advice

I think the parcel just hasn't arrived but its not insured / recorded / signed for and I'm unsure what to do

I did pay through paypal but marked as gift to save her fee's so I don't think I'm covered.

It wasn't a small amount either (not a few quid).

I've posted here as the 'for sale' boards are all split into sections and I don't know if anyone will see unless they are specifically looking for something.

lou031205 Wed 15-Oct-08 12:16:09

Could you CAT the MNer and confirm that it was sent, and when? The paypal thing is unfortunate, would have been better to opt to pay the fees yourself.

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