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Fancy Dress Costume Ideas?!?!

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jellybabe83 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:03:53

My little boys First birthday party is next Saturday, and we're having a fancy dress party, and I've said 'adults in fancy dress too!'(which I'm beginning to regret!)
I have NO idea what to dress up as....!
Obviously its a kids party, so I need to be careful...
I thought about a fallen angel. Juts wearing jeans and a tshirt with a bent halo or something, but not sure.....
I'm sure you guys have got some great ideas?? PLEASE!!!!

Posey Sat 05-Mar-05 21:06:31

Someone recently recommended Miss Hooley! I reckon you should go as a character from children's telly

jellybabe83 Sat 05-Mar-05 21:07:25

ARG! I was desperate NOT to go as anything to kiddy oriented, but I think I may and up having to! Lol

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