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WARNING don't buy from POPPETS.LTD.UK, They have gone out of business.

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DartmoorMama Tue 14-Oct-08 09:47:53

Just thought I would duplicate this post from another forum I am on before someone else gets stung. went out of business about 2 weeks ago after a couple of months of erratic deliveries, I ordered a pram about 11 days ago without realising and it looks like I have lost my money.

Their shop in Wrexham has Closed down and I contacted their suppliers to confirm if they knew this and its true. There a few people on the BabyandBump forum including myself who have ordered things and not had items delivered and can't get in contact with them.

I just thought this might save someone some heartache and lost money, their website still looks legit with things showing as in stock and they have current adverts in the big baby magazines. I can post the link to the other thread on Baby and Bump if anyone wants as there are some alternative contact details, but its easy to find under - swap, shop and review-Shop til you drop on Baby and bump. The site is just taking money but not processing or delivering anything.

Housemum Tue 14-Oct-08 13:16:54

Did you pay by credit rather than debit card and was it over £100? If so, call the card issuer as they may be able to reimburse you under the Debtor-Creditor_Supplier agreement.

We bought a "flight experience" day a couple of years ago costing £120, company went bust and Barclaycard reimbursed us.

DartmoorMama Tue 14-Oct-08 13:33:33

I bought it on maestro but hoping they may still refund me as it was so recent and I threaten them. We are already in the process of sending various letters as advices by Consumer direct and others. Apparently The financial ombudsman can get any bank to do a chargeback on any card but I haven't double checked that yet, we are not quite there yet, I would rather have the pram if at all possible.

Was posting more to help others avoid the same situation. The problem is the site is still up as if they were trading and still taking payments so no one will know they are out of business unless they live in Wrexham. There is not an inkling on the site that anything is wrong other than that they don't reply to queries about orders. Some people managed to get them to reply by pretending they were placing large orders, appears they are trying to make a quick buck. However several of their suppliers (bugaboo & UK mutsy supplier) have confirmed they were told by the owner that they are no longer in business.

DartmoorMama Tue 14-Oct-08 13:34:06

god just read that post and its full of spelling mistakes.

BloodAndMutts Tue 14-Oct-08 13:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DartmoorMama Tue 14-Oct-08 14:04:50

I like those too yum yum.

BloodAndMutts Tue 14-Oct-08 14:10:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DartmoorMama Tue 14-Oct-08 14:25:35

Thanks, There are so many people out of pocket am just hoping it all works out.

minniemax Tue 04-Nov-08 10:44:49


I have has exactly the same experience. The only reason I found out they had closed down as I live in the town and visited the shop, a huge shock!

Luckily we paid on credit card so have been reimbursed and have bought the pram from elsewhere.

I'v emailed a couple of times with no joy, and up until a couple of days ago the website was still trading. Having looked today it isn't trading anymore but it says there is another one on its way, so anyone who has had a problem keep your eyes peeled for the new website. Don't know if it'll do any good but I'll certainly give it a try to get my money back from them. I can't bear dishonest people, especially trying to sting people who are expecting babies and need every penny they have.

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