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Effing MIL, avoid if you are sick of the subject

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TwoIfBySea Fri 04-Mar-05 22:41:31

Okay, two days away from Mothers Day. Ever since dst were born (3 year ago) DH's family have gotten themselves involved in our lives at this time and not in a positive way.

First one SIL managed to trick us into looking after her son until I twigged then it was a big fuss and I was being unreasonable. Second, and I kid you not, MIL, a (melo)drama queen of the first degree, was in hospital, SIL having phoned us up saying she was dying and had to have her arm amputated. She was sober at the time and one year on she still has her arm!

Now, just today, we get THE phonecall. MIL is dying again, this time she has ovarian cancer and has either 5 days or 5 weeks to live! She hasn't left the house in months, her niece has just died of ovarian cancer which means she could be like my gran was and suggestable into getting what everyone else has no matter how awful. I thought she would need a scan to see if it was a tumour?

Anyway, the f*ing circus starts again and as per usual SIL calls the shots and DH jumps to it. I haven't looked but I know I wrote a similar rant last year during the palaver that went on. DH and I had a huge row and I am now a callous cow as I have said I want nothing to do with it. I feel like buying a copy of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and sending it to SIL and MIL. Now, if it ends up being true I will be the bad one yet again!

Grrrrrrrrrr! I am so sick of SIL and how she gets to do this and I have to just sit back and let her upset DH. MIL by the by is an alcoholic, all of DH's life, she is also an extreme hypocondriac but surely this is beyond all that?

moondog Fri 04-Mar-05 22:55:34

Who told you she was 'dying'? SIL or MIL??

TwoIfBySea Fri 04-Mar-05 22:58:30

SIL and FIL. I have said DH should try and speak to the doctor who is dealing with her but he says it would mean he didn't trust SIL, duh!

alaughingcow Fri 04-Mar-05 22:58:39

I'm not very good with words of wisdom, but here's a BIG HUG and I hope you get through what is supposed to be a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Here is a cyber flower from me @->-

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 22:59:50

Can't you say to your DH that he should speak to the doctor because it would show he's concerned about his mother?

The very fact that there's an issue with him not trusting SIL shows that she's not to be trusted - it wouldn't occur to me (or DH) not to trust mine if she'd told me something like this.

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