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moving, want to redecorate but haven't a!

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sansouci Fri 04-Mar-05 16:29:59

We're moving soon & will have to buy new furniture; everything except sofa & armchair which are large & blue. New house has white walls, wooden floors, lots of light (good!), built 10 yrs ago. Terrified of making a mistake & having to live with it for next 15 yrs. Any advice, books, websites would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Tipex Fri 04-Mar-05 19:05:45

theres loads of mags in the shops for ideas. I have to say I was in a similar position and elected to do as little as possible style wise until I was more sure of my tastes and how the house felt etc. I bought very plain boring furniture pretty cheap (isnt Ikea fab!!) and then over the last 3 yrs have started buying pictures and better furniture now I have an idea what i like and what suits us and the house. You can always liven things up with throws and stuff until you make more defintive purchases. Also I have to accept that I would make the odd duff purchase and hate it and just put it down to experience rasther than beat myself up about the cost. Besides, we flogged some of the first buys at a good car boot and got a resasonable return! Good luck and enjoy! x

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 19:08:34

I like Living etc magazine and House Beautiful too. Go and get catalogues from Ikea and Habitat too. Your new house sounds gorgeous! I'd say steer clear of anything too 'statementy', don't paint any of the walls until you've lived there a few months (so that you get a feel for what the light is like at different times of the day/year) - and remember that light colours make spaces look larger.

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 19:10:01

Also, if you keep the big items of furniture and the walls plain and neutral, you can make it look a whole new room by changing the lamps/pictures, cushions, rugs, throws, etc. without it costing a fortune to redecorate.

sansouci Sat 05-Mar-05 16:52:33

Thanks so much! I watch some of the UKStyle programmes but find them far too sophisticated (or stupid!) to be of any use to me. Ikea is great it's true but I've had Ikea furniture since I was 21 & am tired of it. I wish we could afford better-quality stuff but it will have to be done bit by bit or bought used. Our blue sofa & armchair were wedding presents & they are Roche-Bobois. Definitely out of our price range. Sigh!

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