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Anyone use a grobag/sleeping bag for a two year old in a bed?

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Beatie Fri 04-Mar-05 13:02:15

My dd is 27 months. we just moved her to a toddler bed as she was climbing out of the cot - even when wearing a sleeping bag.

She slept in a grobag from the age of 4 months but since moving to the bed, she has slept with a duvet. She has been waking up 1-4 times per night since moving to the bed. She goes straight back to sleep but I wonder if she felt insecure after 23 months of sleeping enclosed in a sleeping bag.

Last night I put her in her grobag, under her duvet and she didn't wake up. Should I perevere and get her used to sleeping with a duvet? Put a sheet on her bed and tuck her in tightly? Let her sleep in the grobag and address the weaning process at a later date?


hana Fri 04-Mar-05 13:04:34

i would keep her in the growbag under devet if she is going to sleep thorugh and not wake you up! maybe when it's warmer out as well - its so nice to be cozy tucked up in bed when it's cold outside

Lucycat Fri 04-Mar-05 13:06:18

I'd stick with the grobag, until they decide that they want out. It may be that it's been so cold for the last few nights that she's been wriggling out of under the duvet and has got cold! Wait until summer when they don't really want anything on them on bed! (I don't like losing my sleep for anything - can't you tell?)

smellymelly Fri 04-Mar-05 13:23:53

Yes my ds used one till he was about 3. He just unzipped it when he wanted to get out. Actually he could walk quite well while still zipped up in it !

lmccrean Sun 06-Mar-05 14:41:43

Do you think maybe the duvet had slipped off her, and she got a little bit cold? I saw "Duvet Grippers" at for £7.00 and a I know its a bit pricey, but will be cheaper than getting next size up in sleeping bag.

But then again, if the grobags she has now will fit her for a while yet, whats the harm in letting her sleep in them. Maybe, eventually (summer, when its warmer??) You could go out together and let her choose "special pjs" that are so pretty she dosent want them to be covered up with a gro-bag! (found the glow in the dark ones worked well!)

PrettyCandles Sun 06-Mar-05 15:02:35

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If she's happy in the sleepingbag and can move around in it easily, then certainly keep her in it. Age is immaterial - comfort is.

Clara1 Sun 06-Mar-05 15:21:45

my dd1 slept in a grobag (on top of the duvet) until at least two and a half. She is now 4 and sleeps under the duvet with no problems so would go with the flow and do whatever gets you (and her) some sleep. Jojo maman bebe do duvet grippers for 5.99 (and get 10% off with this site) Would also suggest waiting for warmer weather too.

essbee Sun 06-Mar-05 15:24:07

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Mon 07-Mar-05 03:18:47

we still put dd in sleeping bags - she is just over 2 1/2 yrs old - at the moment too hot for anything. But she is not one for sleeping with covers on. In winter here in Aus - she slept with grobag under the duvet - at least when the duvet was kicked off she was still warm. Let her sleep in it until she decides she does not want too. That is what I am doing with dd1. dd2 is also a grobag sleeper as she hates having covers on her too but is happy to have the sleeping bag on - think it lets her kick etc and not get cool.

bobbybob Mon 07-Mar-05 08:33:06

My ds can get himself out of his grobag if he wants to, so if she can I would say go for it!

Tommy Mon 07-Mar-05 08:36:32

DS1 came out of his just before he was 3 although he did wake up quite a bit at first until he got used to the duvet.

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 08:39:35

do gro bags go any higher than 3 years?

bathmummy Mon 07-Mar-05 08:41:24

just shows how they are all individuals. My little one immediately slept better when switched to a little pillow and a snuggly duvet after having an empty cot other than her grobag. Like a different baby - much happier and slept better - not just the warmth thing as her grobag was like a furnace at times.
If she is happy with a grobag I would let her use it and try to switch at a later date. It won’t hurt her and she is still only little. Only issue that would concern me is to make sure you switch well before you get her out of nappies (presuming she is still in them at night if using a grobag). If you do both together couldbe tricky

bathmummy Mon 07-Mar-05 08:42:17

evesmama - waht about a child’s sleeping bag from a camping shop? My DD is 4 and when it is really cold still likes to get it down and snuggle in it with duvet on top!

Evesmama Mon 07-Mar-05 08:53:23

what a good idea never thought of that(durh)
but as i want to take sides of dd's cot bed soon(shes 22 months), and although she can shuffle with the best of em in her gro bag i thought it might be safer if she wsnt so restricted..thanks for that

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