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virgin vie and other sort of home " parties"

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Cod Fri 04-Mar-05 10:54:45

Message withdrawn

jampots Fri 04-Mar-05 10:57:20

virgin vie and bodyshop are ok but if invited through school mums you could end up going to loads over a period of a few months. Could end up spending a load of money though - avoid tupperware!

emmatmg Fri 04-Mar-05 10:57:59



you buy stuff that you really don't need because the host get's commision or something and you don't want to leave her with zilch.

Cod Fri 04-Mar-05 10:58:11

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:01:06

I like body shop, virgin vie and the ruder ones etc ones as they're just an excuse to buy frivolous treats for myself . Can't thing of a more dull way to spend an evening than at a 'party' selling plastic food storage or greetings cards <yawn>. How they can call that a party is beyond me...

HappyDaddy Fri 04-Mar-05 11:04:49

Glad I decided against doing any of those to get an income. I suppose I could do a striptease to liven it up but I'd have to lock the doors to stop the stampede to leave!

jampots Fri 04-Mar-05 11:05:29

I went to an Ann Summers one a few weeks ago and it was absolute CRAP! The demonstrator (for the want of a better word) was dirty, had greasy hair, dirty creased clothes and was completely uninterested. The hostess (my friend) didnt get any free gift/discount - CRAP ! Luckily we have a store in the TC

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:09:22

I've been to a couple of Ann Summers parties and the demonstrators have all been a really good laugh and mostly pretty glam. I have to say I'd have been put off if Waynetta Slob had have been 'demonstrating' the rabbit (in a clean way, not in the way HappyDaddy is thinking!)

jampots Fri 04-Mar-05 11:09:53


bathmummy Fri 04-Mar-05 11:17:54

Good chance to get out the house and have a gossip with friends, also can try out stuff without yelling children asking if we are going to the Disney store now. Disappointed when i realised there tends to be no financial advantage over buying in the store - and have to wait for the goods. At least some offer a commission that can go to a good cause. Virgin Vie is better than Body Shop in my opinion (but more pricey). Went to one Ann Summers and was very awkward as the woman kept pitching it all wrong to the group and was so OTT and crude that everyone clammed up and ended up being a very short party

Catbert Fri 04-Mar-05 11:27:14

Went to a virgin vie the other night... We all sat with our feet in washing up bowls full of yummy smelling salts and pebbles (!?!). And hostess got a lovely facial! All profits were for the local M&T group, and the free gift will be put aside and donated for the M&T christmas party raffle.

Did a Pampered Chef one too last year - had 16 people crammed into my kitchen- G&Ts on the patio and was a very good larf! DD2 was only 12 weeks old, and it made me feel all "social" again...

But all those demonstrators are the same a la Victoria Wood "Hiiii! My name is Sue. I am here to introduce you to the wonderful world of Virgin Vie Spa products"

Cod Fri 04-Mar-05 11:29:56

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:30:26

lol @ the typo, Cod

Dior Fri 04-Mar-05 11:47:09

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Fri 04-Mar-05 11:58:32

I can see the point of handmade ones if you're in the market for something a bit special, but a commercial card party just strikes me as dull. You and your friends may have had more fun than I'll ever know, but I was giving my personal opinion on the matter. Obviously other folk love these card & tupperware parties, they wouldn't exist otherwise, but for me, no.

P.S. Who's to say that one person needs a card more than another person needs a bodyscrub / mascara / vibrator or whatever..... ?

Cod Fri 04-Mar-05 12:00:04

Message withdrawn

Dior Fri 04-Mar-05 15:06:04

Message withdrawn

lunavix Fri 04-Mar-05 15:28:02

I think it all depends if you want to be there and if you want a few treats.

If you don't want to spend any money, and you are only there for your friends 'numbers', don't bother, it will be crap. And there must be alcohol.

SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:51:49

I've held a few parties at home but have stopped doing them so much now. It was nice to get the comission and to have a social evening. Sending out the invites and trying to get hold of people to see if they are coming can be a real pain in the **. If found also by the time I bought drinks and nibbles a lump of my commission had gone already. Lots of fun though. Just wish more of my friends would hold them. Would love to go to someone else's home for one and be able to sit and relax instead of running around being hostess.

SPARKLER1 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:52:28

I've held chocoholics, body shop, virgin vie and Justrich parties.

paolosgirl Fri 04-Mar-05 15:58:11

Yes I go if it's a good friend, but hate them. Always feel you've got to buy something so your friend gets her free gift or whatever...and it's always stuff I'd never willingly buy.

Why not just have a girls night out for heavens sake?

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