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Minipill - when do I start taking it?

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Pagan Thu 03-Mar-05 16:28:25

Quickie question. On the instructions and on previous advice it says to start on Day 1 of period. I've just had DS (5 weeks old) and bf exclusively. I bf DD exclusively for 4 months then weaned her but was still bf on and off at 7.5 months. I never had a period and then became pregnant again so obviously I'm not waiting until my periods begin. Can I start taking the minipill before periods start?

nnosam Thu 03-Mar-05 16:37:30

i bf my ds when i had him and then went back on the minipill when i had my 6 week check. midwife said i would be protected by bf, but like you my sil got caught out twice. chat to your doc when you go for 6 week cheack.

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