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Calling all Excel experts

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frogs Thu 03-Mar-05 09:29:36

Please help! I'm entering data into a spreadsheet, and some of the cells that had numbers entered into them are showing up as four hashes when I move on to the next cell. They're supposed to be in Accounting format, which is what Excel thinks it's using. The data entry bar at the top of the page is showing numbers, but the cell itself still shows hashes.

Confused! Help!

Toothache Thu 03-Mar-05 09:31:19

Could it be the columns aren't wide enough for the data? Try widening the columns.

munnzieb Thu 03-Mar-05 09:31:24

have u tryied the formating function on the top? (i'd look there and se if it's the right option.)

DillyDally Thu 03-Mar-05 09:32:06

column width and number of decimal places, that could be the issue.

WideWebWitch Thu 03-Mar-05 09:40:16

Yep, sounds like column width to me. Put your cursor in the column and double click on the right hand bit of the column to auto re size it.

frogs Thu 03-Mar-05 09:40:37

Column width and decimal places it was! You are all geniuses. Many thanks.

WideWebWitch Thu 03-Mar-05 09:41:19

Or if you don't know how to do it (I haven't explained well) just drag the column to make it wider and see if that fixes it. If it does you know that's yer problem.

roisin Thu 03-Mar-05 09:58:42

Can I ask a quickie on here too?

I have a spreadsheet which goes on to 3 pages. What do I have to do to make the headings appear automatically on screen and printed out on subsequent pages at the automatic page breaks?

(I used to use Excel loads in my former BC life, but that was 8+ years ago and my memory is very rusty.)

Thanks in anticipation!

Toothache Thu 03-Mar-05 10:01:43

Roisin - In File, open Page Set-up.

On the grey box that appears there will be 4 tabs, open 'Sheet' tab.

In there will be a line saying Rows to Repeat at Top, click on the red/white icon next to that box.

Then click on the row number where the headings are. Click on the wee red/white icon again. Then click okay.


DaddyCool Thu 03-Mar-05 10:02:04

print preview --> setup --> Sheet tab --> rows to repeat at top... you then just select the area.

roisin Thu 03-Mar-05 10:06:10

Fabulous! Thanks for your help Toothache and Daddycool!

Excel 'Help' is rubbish. Mumsnet is great!

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