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Music from film "Truly, Madly, Deeply"

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genia Sun 23-Feb-03 17:33:41

Just wondering whether anyone knows which piece of classical music that recurs again and again in this film that I really like (with Juliette Stevenson and whathisname that I keep on forgetting but who is gorgeous)...

WideWebWitch Sun 23-Feb-03 17:46:37

Don't know the music but it's Alan Rickman.

ks Sun 23-Feb-03 17:54:13

Message withdrawn

prufrock Sun 23-Feb-03 21:06:53

It's Bachs Adagio of Viola da gamba sonata BWV 1029.

I have to admit I didn't know this - but I really like it myself so googled it.

prufrock Sun 23-Feb-03 21:07:40

Oh and Alan Rickman actually played all the cello music himself.

Chinchilla Sun 23-Feb-03 21:13:46

TMD is my fabourite film. I always have to watch with a box of tissues for the floods of tears. My best bits are when AR comes back when she is playing the piano, and when they are doing the cloud game. The bit at the end when AR has been successful in making her move on with her kife and she goes off with her new man breaks my heart. AR is so sexy...mmmmmm

genia Mon 24-Feb-03 00:01:46

Thanks! I'm going to order it on Amazon. I love the bit where she turns round to see that he is there as well Chinchilla. The bit where she is kissing her new love and Alan Rickman is watching crying also breaks my heart. I always think I would rather be with a dead Alan Rickman than the new guy she picks but then have to remind myself that she wanted a baby... I like all his dead friends who overrun her flat watching videos...
Also part of the Pablo Neruda poem "Dead Woman" that AR quotes and JS recites in Spanish...
"No, forgive me.
If you no longer live,
if you, beloved, my love,
if you
have died,
all the leaves will fall on my breast,
it will rain on my soul night and day,
the snow will burn my heart,
I shall walk with frost and fire and death and snow,
my feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping,
I shall stay alive"

megg Mon 24-Feb-03 09:52:37

Glad I'm not the only one, I love this film and always cry buckets when I watch it. Dp just doesn't get it, I made him watch it once and he's like but he's dead he can't come back. Never again. Its probably because I was saying how gorgeous Alan Rickman is. I remember being made to watch Robin Hood with Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman was the only decent thing in it. He bought me Breakfast at Tiffany's for Valentines Day then complained all the way through what a crap film he thought it was. I wouldn't dare complain about watching Star Wars well not out loud anyway. I just end up reading instead.

bundle Mon 24-Feb-03 11:45:58

oh god, TMD is such compelling viewing, sad & happy all rolled together just like life but obviously much more cheesy on the big/small screen. I love the music, everything about it. Genia - I've some Neruda on a CD somewhere (I think it's the soundtrack to Il Postino) read by various actors - mmmm lovely stuff
oh - and I interviewed AR once...scrummy (yes - I know he's gay, but he just ooozes sex!)

prufrock Mon 24-Feb-03 13:44:48

Alan Rickman's gay?! No Please No

bundle Mon 24-Feb-03 13:48:45

so they say Prufrock

ks Mon 24-Feb-03 13:50:00

Message withdrawn

hmb Mon 24-Feb-03 13:55:32

Neither did I. And Michael Barrymore came as a surprise.....I can't believe I was so dim.

ks Mon 24-Feb-03 13:56:54

Message withdrawn

bettys Mon 24-Feb-03 14:40:03

But...but...someone I know used to live near him in Notting Hill and said he and his FEMALE partner were very nice (just done a search and she's an ex-economics lecturer according to the fan sites). Saw him once in Harrods, v.v.attractive in real life too.

bundle Mon 24-Feb-03 14:43:05

I am more than willing to be corrected on this one Bettys!

WideWebWitch Mon 24-Feb-03 16:18:30

ks, how ever did you not realise about Freddy Mercury?!!! I'm surprised at Alan Rickan too, although I don't fancy him. He just seems so, well, heterosexual, I suppose.

ks Mon 24-Feb-03 16:43:15

Message withdrawn

leese Mon 24-Feb-03 18:34:34

No! Not Dolly......?!!

leese Mon 24-Feb-03 18:35:08

Thought she'd be too busy stitching her coat of many colours.........

ks Mon 24-Feb-03 18:36:49

Message withdrawn

genia Mon 24-Feb-03 20:54:08

I remember reading an article where Alan Rickman was talking about his (female) partner and how important fidelity was to him (another point in his favour!).

Chrisd Mon 17-Mar-03 12:10:14

sorry I am just new to Mumsnet I love AR and TMD went to see him for my birthday 2 years ago in Private Lives he was wonderful but he got the giggles half ay through the 2nd act. I worked with someone from London and his claim to fame was that he worked with a girl who had worked with AR long time partner - Female - Rima Horton am I sad or what and adding to my sadness I have the script of TMD and the music Jamie plays is Bach's Sonata No3 for Cello (Viol de gamba ) and Piano 2nd Movement hope this helps oh and he also roomed with Ruby Wax at the RSC and produced her one woman show. You may have guessed I love AR

Clarinet60 Mon 17-Mar-03 18:25:57

I love this film too, but I fancied Michael Maloney more. Just to be awkward.

judetheobscure Mon 17-Mar-03 18:56:24

Are you sure Alan Rickman actually played the cello - my recollection was that it was creditted to someone else - perhaps you meant that he did play the cello (so as to look authentic) but then it was dubbed with someone better? Because if it was AR then I am mighty impressed - it was bloody good cello playing!

And, yes, I too love TMD and AR! Must go and buy it

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