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Charlee Fri 03-Oct-08 07:52:40

We have had a Barclays to Abbey transfer sone on monday. some money from FIL's Barclays account into our Abbey account.

Any ideas when it will clear? Abbey are saying 3 working days but still not here today?

Anyone had a pyment similar that has been late getting in or just 'dissapeared? '

schneebly Fri 03-Oct-08 07:54:01

I would say tomorrow.

hecate Fri 03-Oct-08 07:54:48

3-4 days normally. Some accounts take up to a bloody WEEK!

Phone your fil and ask him to check with his bank. It could be he didn't do it on Monday after all, or he could have got your account number wrong or anything. You need to get him to check what's happening.

Tortington Fri 03-Oct-08 07:56:51


first of all in this electronic age - they dont need 3 working days to process fuck all the robbing bastards taking my money and hiding it and collecting the intrest on it - cheeky bastards

second - its usually 3-5 working days

if you are worried give them a ring

but don't think they are infallible - i once did a 'special presentation' on a cheque, paid for it to be cleared more quickly and it went missing. and each blames the pother - and the money had been taken out of one account without being put into another

needless to say - i kicked up a world of shit and got my special presentation fee back too.

hecate Fri 03-Oct-08 08:01:12

damn right custy, the money is there in seconds! I just know it is. It's only a communication! ffs an email fires across the world in seconds, they can certainly communicate a movement of some numbers from one place to another in less than a fecking week! it's not like they have to physically transport your money from one bank to the other. hmm They rob us blind. bastards.

verylapsedrunner Fri 03-Oct-08 08:09:44

Mine tranfers instantly (First Direct)

Charlee Fri 03-Oct-08 08:10:54

There isn;t even anyting showing on our account to say somethings due to go in. Grr angry

hecate Fri 03-Oct-08 09:58:09

Have you double checked with your FIL that he did, in fact, do it?

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