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Dentist in SE London

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verona Fri 21-Feb-03 20:44:01

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in the Lewisham/Blackheath area?
I'm ashamed to say I haven't been for a while and am not keen to go somewhere without recommendations. Everyone I've asked locally seems to go to private dentists.Oh, even better if they're good with kids!

Jimjams Fri 21-Feb-03 21:29:22

There's a good NHS one in Bekenham- may be a bit far though and we've moved so I haven't got numbers to hand- I can get details in you want.....

Dixie Wed 26-Feb-03 14:38:33

I used to go to one in Brownhill Road Catford when I lived over that way..very very good, even took on my S.I.L and her family when they moved to lewisham. Its on Brownhill road just past the jumction with Torridon Road, nit far from Hither Green Lane.

Frieda Wed 26-Feb-03 14:43:29

Dixie – you're back! Is everything ok?

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