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Anyone used the Green Room @ the Body Shop?

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franch Tue 01-Mar-05 18:38:05

Thinking of trying them for some pregnancy pampering. Yes or no?

essbee Tue 01-Mar-05 18:38:46

Message withdrawn

franch Tue 01-Mar-05 19:07:56

Nobody tried it then?

sis Tue 01-Mar-05 19:49:02

I had a massage when I was pregnant - the High Street Kensington one in London - and it was brilliant but it was a long time ago as ds is six years old!

Fastasleep Tue 01-Mar-05 19:50:30

They have green rooms? Not here they don't

franch Tue 01-Mar-05 19:53:28

Right sis, I'm going to give it a go

Have you checked the Green Room website , Fastasleep? There's a list of branches there. I intend to have LOTS of pampering this pregnancy so need to choose somewhere cheap but good!

Fastasleep Tue 01-Mar-05 19:54:18

Darn it, nearest is Manchester...hmph! Go get pampered girl!

reindeer Tue 01-Mar-05 20:03:21

Why don't they have one in Scotland

franch Tue 01-Mar-05 20:07:37

They OUGHT to reindeer, especially as I'll be spending a few weeks at home in Edinburgh during this pregnancy - how will I survive without any pampering?

Joanna3 Wed 02-Mar-05 12:09:30

I've been to the one in Covent Garden. O.K - but feels a bit "basic". If I've got the cash for massage, facial etc I prefer a bit more luxury. Might be good for pregnancy however as they use all natural products etc.

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 02-Mar-05 12:10:49

Why don't they have one in good ole thriving Barnsley?

I just don't understand it!!

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 12:13:06

LOL NBG, we don't even have a bodyshop in Donny!

joke by Victoria Wood:

I went into Body Shop and asked for one in a size 8 please.

franch Wed 02-Mar-05 13:36:28

I'm with you Joanna - am planning a pre-birthday trip to Elemis later in pregnancy (bliss) but would like a few pampering sessions before that (maybe once a month) so can't afford anything too posh ....

franch Thu 03-Mar-05 13:08:00

OK, have booked for this Sat so will let you know ....

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