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Children's parties in/nr Worcester

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Gumdrop Tue 01-Mar-05 12:58:26

So, I'm looking for a venue which will give 20 5 year old girls a great party, but won't be too, erm, grubby (as some of the soft play places can be).

Anybody got any suggestions, or places to be avoided like the plague?


GeorginaA Wed 02-Mar-05 13:53:22

Dunno really. We had ours last year at the Perdiswell which was very enjoyable - it's a Wacky though and I have to say cleanliness can be a bit dubious at times.

Toy City is a fairly new soft play place which also does parties.

This year though, we're going for our local community centre (Lyppards Community Centre) - a bit more expensive, but nice and convenient and they have a big inflatable thingie they can run around in and they organise games etc. One we went to last year in there was really very good.

choccychic Wed 02-Mar-05 13:59:15

The new bowling place near Canons health club is still quite "new feeling" i.e clean ! don't know if they do parties but the other one in Worcester does. Having said that my 5 year old had a fantastic time at Toy City, the equipment is great and the upstairs area where they eat was fine it's just the parrents seating area that is not exactly posh!!
Also Perdiswell young peoples centre do parties where you hire the whole room (well 2 actually, one with a disco and one with a big bouncy castle) don't know how much that costs but my kids have always enjoyed parties there. Hope you have fun wherever you end up!

Gumdrop Wed 02-Mar-05 16:16:22

Thanks both, much appreciated.

Choccychic, don't mean to be pushy, but have you seen the Worcester MN meetup thread?

Ailsa Thu 03-Mar-05 01:09:17

Would second Perdiswell Young Peoples Centre, my eldest 2 have been to loads of birthday parties there and have always enjoyed them. I think you have the choice whether to have one room or both, and a host or not, your food or their food.

I can try and pick up a leaflet for you if you want, I'll be there tomorrow anyway, picking my 2 eldest up from after school club.

Gumdrop Thu 03-Mar-05 08:53:21


Thanks, that would be very kind. Party is early May so no flat out rush.


Ailsa Thu 03-Mar-05 11:07:35

Are you still coming to the March 11 do at The Nightingale? I can give it to you there.

Gumdrop Thu 03-Mar-05 11:49:51

Yes I am - thanks very much.

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