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how much for birthday present?

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Tissy Mon 28-Feb-05 19:59:22

dd(3) has been invited to the party of our next door neighbour's boy (going to be 5, I think). The party is next Sunday at the local soft play, and I suspect, given the short notice, that she was on the "reserves" list. Not that I mind, she will enjoy herself, but how much do I spend on a present? She says he likes the "Credibles" (they were on the invitation), so was thinking of something along this line...£5? £10?

maisystar Mon 28-Feb-05 20:01:09

i normally spend £8-£10 if we know the child well, £5-£6 if we don't.

jampots Mon 28-Feb-05 20:01:09

personally I think it depends on your relationship. If you are friends I would be more inclined to edge above the £5 towards £10 (action figures = £8approx). If not, then £5 is adequate.

Hulababy Mon 28-Feb-05 20:01:29

For DD's friend's birthday presents I aim to spend around £5

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 28-Feb-05 20:03:53

£5. Then it kinda increases when they get older but no more than £10. I find that I shop really creatively and I'm good at scouting out bargains. But I think that £5 is more than adequate.

Tissy Mon 28-Feb-05 20:04:50

Thanks very much, I'll send dh out shopping on Thursday- he's rather more parsimonious than me!

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