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Proposed new 'Topic' - Step Parenting

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Cha Thu 20-Feb-03 17:42:10

Dear Mumsnet

Can I ask a big favour? Could you include a new topic in this talk section entitled Step Parenting or something similar? I am a step mother to 3 (as well as having one of my own) and have had quite a few very interesting and supportive conversations with other parents in the same boat.
However, unless they are highlighted on the home page or you happen to stumble across them in active conversations, they are difficult to find as they get scattered around under various different topics.
I would welcome a step parenting topic that I could always go to every time I log on to see which of us have posted. There are quite a lot of us out here, and we're getting more and more numerous all the time!

Carriel Thu 20-Feb-03 18:07:44

Great suggestion. Will talk to tech and get it sorted as soon as we can.



Cha Sat 22-Feb-03 14:33:30

Wow - that was quick and efficient! Thanks!

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