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Who will you vote for?

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WideWebWitch Mon 28-Feb-05 17:34:54

I can't stand Bliar, really don't know what to vote, anyone else finding this hard?

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 28-Feb-05 17:37:41

I'm with you. Have never liked nor trusted Blair, still don't, can't, won't! Haven't a clue who to vote for because I don't think that any of them can do the job

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 28-Feb-05 17:38:16

By the way, was that a deliberate misspelling, because it suits him!

SeaShells Mon 28-Feb-05 17:41:23

I'll be voting for Blair (bliar), I don't agree with some of the decisions he has made and completely disagree with the war, and HATE Bush with a passion, but I think he has done alot for families like ours. I think the good outweighs the bad and anything would be better than the conservatives getting back in!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 28-Feb-05 17:44:09

I'm voting liberal or possibly green this time (I told my proxy to use her judgement) on the basis that we need a stronger and less frightening opposition. I am under no illusions .

Last time I voted Labour out of fear that the Tories would get back in, but this time I don't care - it wouldn't make any difference.

nutcracker Mon 28-Feb-05 17:48:29

I don't vote for any of them because i don't belivie a word any of them say.

beachyhead Mon 28-Feb-05 17:53:31


nikcola Mon 28-Feb-05 17:54:22

me too nutty xxxx

sacha3taylor Mon 28-Feb-05 17:55:58

I'm afraid i will have to vote Blair for the same reasons as seashell. I am a SAHM and under the currant tax credit system i am lucky enough not to HAVE to go to work. I do think that if the conservitives got in then under their proposals to scrap the currant system i would probebly have to work. I realise that lots of mums don't have a choice but i think that this is a very important issue and working should be through choice and not neccesity. I also disagree with alot of other things he has done but my family is most important to me

Socci Mon 28-Feb-05 17:56:24

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 28-Feb-05 17:58:24

Message withdrawn

SeaShells Mon 28-Feb-05 18:00:34

We didn't even have a minimum wage before labour came to power!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 28-Feb-05 18:06:31

Labour have done some good stuff, don't get me wrong. But they are lurching further and further to the right.

A good example is the NHS - when they came to power they put loads of money in and got rid of the silly internal market. Now with primary care trusts, foundation hospitals and all the rest of it they've essentially recreated the internal market with another name. In fact it's not even another name - its a bunch of meaningless acronyms.

FairyMum Mon 28-Feb-05 18:08:09

Not sure. What is LibDem like on family policies, education/childcare etc??

sobernow Mon 28-Feb-05 18:12:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Socci Mon 28-Feb-05 18:13:54

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 28-Feb-05 18:15:28

I haven't thought it through yet, but I will definitely vote as people in days gone by fought (and died) for my right to vote and for that I'm grateful. I will always go and make my mark.

Amanda3266 Mon 28-Feb-05 18:16:01

Really don't know who I'll vote for. Probably LibDem as they are the majority party here -anything except Conservative. A shame they are so appalling - every Government needs a credible opposition.

KateandtheGirls Mon 28-Feb-05 18:21:01

Has the date been announced yet?

Davros Mon 28-Feb-05 18:21:38

I thought this was going to be about choosing the UK song for Eurovision!! I really don't know who I WILL vote for in the Gen Elec but know who I WON'T vote for (Tone).

JoolsToo Mon 28-Feb-05 18:24:30

as if you didn't already know - Mr Howard

sobernow Mon 28-Feb-05 18:26:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KateandtheGirls Mon 28-Feb-05 18:26:53

Thanks sobernow.

beachyhead Mon 28-Feb-05 18:30:57

they always do it on my dd b-day - so inconsiderate.......

Hey this year it is 05/05/05 How cool is that

happymerryberries Mon 28-Feb-05 18:31:57

Lib Dem, same as last time, and the time before...

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