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Bathroom Tiles - advice please!

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ks Thu 20-Feb-03 12:46:38

Message withdrawn

cocococo Thu 20-Feb-03 14:18:29

Have a look at for inspiration and then go to for cheapness!

bells2 Thu 20-Feb-03 14:42:04

Hi KS. We searched all over London for glass mosaics and the cheapest we found was Tower Ceramics in Camden (no good for you though probably). Do Homebase or B&Q do them I wonder?. A word of warning on mosaics, they are costly to lay and a lot of tilers don't like doing them. We are very pleased with ours though.

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 16:42:24

Message withdrawn

Wills Thu 20-Feb-03 16:46:23

ks - If I remember correctly you're south London but if you're North then there are three tile centres that deliver (one of them toppstiles) next to New southgate Train Station. If you're interested I'll look up the name of the road.

RosieT Thu 20-Feb-03 16:50:18

Tile Magic (one in Lordship Lane, SE22) have quite a wide range (not too hugely expensive), but haven't specifically seen glass ones (though haven't been looking recently). Think they have other branches around London. Also remembering seeing some gorgeous green glass ones in a bathroom shop in Knightsbridge – think it was called Bath House, but not sure. Perhaps they're the same ones you've seen.

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 17:30:16

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 17:40:36

Message withdrawn

bells2 Thu 20-Feb-03 17:44:50

It's actually a shower room/loo. Walls are tiled all the way around to a height of around 8 feet in the shower area and 5 feet or so everywhere else.

Jzee Thu 20-Feb-03 18:30:31

Funny that you should be mentioning tiles as I've just been looking at them most of the afternoon. I've purchsed everything for a new bathroom all within one day - tiles the lot! I have just seen some nice glass mosaics in a shop called The Tile Box - N1. They had quite a few glass tiles in different colours, although I'm not sure of the price? Now that I live north of the river everything seems more expensive so brace yourself for the price!

Jzee Thu 20-Feb-03 19:26:24

Following on from my previous message.. I've just remember the glass mosaics which were about 1inch square cost £1.00 each. I have opted to have just a border of mosaics which saves alot of money and still looks effective.

bossykate Thu 20-Feb-03 19:59:33

hello, ks. we're just about to get our bathroom done, so i'll be looking for tiles very soon.

when we did our kitchen a couple of years ago, we found two fantastic tile places in SW London, both of which deliver. Try World's End Tiles , they are top of the range and pretty expensive, but they have *everything*. so that you get the picture, when we asked them to recommend someone to do our (quite basic) kitchen tiling, the guy turned out to be a proper mosaicist, a la the Turner pool in Footie Wives! They are based just off Queenstown Rd in Battersea.

Alternatively, try Britannia Tiles . They have a good selection, but are much more down to earth in terms of prices. They're based about two minutes from Clapham North tube.

good luck! i'm going to britannia sson to pick some for our bathroom...


gingernut Thu 20-Feb-03 20:40:31

We have green-blue glass mosaic tiles in our bathroom... they came from a little place in an out-of town shopping village on the A4 between Maidenhead and Slough (don't know if that's any good for you and I don't know if they deliver, sorry). They were £5/sheet (about 1 square foot) about 2 years ago. I noticed some very similar tiles on display at Homebase last time I was there but I only saw them from a distance so don't know if they were glass or not.

One thing to watch with the glass tiles: if you are thinking of using them to make a border in combination with ordinary tiles, check the depth of the 2 types of tile. Our glass tiles are thinner than our ordinary tiles, so the tiler had to put the ordinary tiles on first then build up the wall with extra plaster where the border was going to be, so that the 2 types of tile are flush with each other, IYSWIM. The job therefore took a lot longer than expected.

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 21:22:17

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 21:22:49

Message withdrawn

willum Thu 20-Feb-03 21:36:09

Word of warning re. mosaics - only get the square mosaics and not the stone/pebble effect ones. We laid them in our old house and they had to keep being re-grouted as the inconsistent spacing means the grout just chips out!

aloha Thu 20-Feb-03 22:21:33

We got ours from a fab swimming pool tile supplier in Balham - by far the cheapest option and amazing array of colous etc - we love our tiles, will post later with phone no,

aloha Thu 20-Feb-03 22:27:44

Edgar Udny - 8767 8181 - 314 Balham High St. Highly Recommended - beautiful mosaics

ks Thu 20-Feb-03 22:47:43

Message withdrawn

willow2 Fri 21-Feb-03 11:18:58

ks - there is a good tile shop right next to Mortlake station (Sheen Lane, SW14) - got tiles from there before, not expensive, good range to choose from.

eemie Fri 21-Feb-03 22:58:42

All Tile Ceramics, 13-15 London Rd Wallington, e-mail We searched for months before finding exactly what we wanted there: friendly helpful firm, put up with lots of changes in our order, gave excellent advice and helped us to avoid overspending on complicated job. We collected own tiles, can't remember if they deliver but worth asking.

titchy Mon 24-Feb-03 10:35:50

On a similar subject - anyone got any ideas for cheap vanity units and sinks? Builder coming in two weeks to re-do bathroom and am happy with his suppliers choice of loo etc, but have my heart set on a vanity sink and the range he has given us hte brochure for is either cheap and tacky plastic or horrendously expensive.

We want wood or wood veneer and can spend up to about £500.


SofiaAmes Mon 24-Feb-03 20:57:43 have nice stylish stuff at really good prices. They have many branches in London (I don't know about the rest of the country and a good website. I don't specifically know about vanity sinks, but worth looking. Or you could do a wall mounted sink and a deep medicine cabinet above the toilet (handy for keeping stuff out of children's reach).

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