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Wet or dry wipes for laptop monitor? Need specialist advice!

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pupuce Mon 28-Feb-05 13:25:05

I ahev received as a free gift from a stationary supplier a kit to "look after my PC".... in it are some dry and wet wipes in individual wrapping....

Now here is the fun but... the instructions are in English, French, Dutch, Italian and German and they say different things..... basically in English... dry for screen but in French it's the WET (called dry!!!! but they say to use the one labelled WET) one for the screen...


Toothache Mon 28-Feb-05 13:26:44

The wipes I have in front of me for my laptop have one wet wipe and one dry....

Clean with wet wipe
Dry with the lint free drying cloth


pupuce Mon 28-Feb-05 13:45:50

Well it says in English to use wet ones for the key board.... blxxdy confusing!

Easy Mon 28-Feb-05 14:12:57

Listen very carefully.

Go to the kitchen. run some warm water in the sink, and put in a TINY drop of washing up liquid.

Get out a clean dishcloth. dip it in the water, then squeeze it out well (very well).

Now go and wipe all the bits of your computer that may be grubby, start with the screen (you always start with your face don't you?).
Then take your cloth back to the kitchen. By the time you return, your laptop will be dry.

Oh, and give the wipe things away to someone else.

Easy Mon 28-Feb-05 14:14:36

Oh, I am a specialist. I have been in I.T. for 20 years, and have always cleaned my PCs in this way.

pupuce Mon 28-Feb-05 15:40:44

Thank you Easy

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