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dress up as a character in a book

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Kibby Mon 28-Feb-05 13:09:07

My 8 year old daughter came home with a note in her bag on Friday saying that to celebrate book week she's to dress up as one of her favourite characters in a book for Wednesday - any ideas? Thought of Mrs Pepperpot but would need a grey wig for that. Why do teachers give you such short notice for these things!

Cod Mon 28-Feb-05 13:10:02

Message withdrawn

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 13:10:24

Us too. DD is going to go as Rapunzel. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make a long plait out of yellow wool.

Cod Mon 28-Feb-05 13:11:20

Message withdrawn

nnosam Mon 28-Feb-05 13:12:43

Alice in wonderland!

beachyhead Mon 28-Feb-05 13:13:13

God, I've got a list as long as your arm for bloody book week

Dress up on Thursday
Do a sculpture or model of your favourite heroine (you try to explain why Mary Poppins isn't strictly a heroine although she could be mine
Design a book cover to enter in a competition
Learn a poem and recite it on Thursday (presumably whilst dressed like 'Pesky Rat') Thoughts of Ning Nang Nong coming from mouth of small child dressed as rat are quite surreal.....

Am fed up and p**ed off!!!!!

Kibby Mon 28-Feb-05 13:21:41

I was saying to my dh this morning it's not a cleaner I need or a babysitter it's a bloody wardrobe mistress. Quite like rapunzel but it's not as if you've got these things lying around the house - last week at Brownies it was come dressed as a spanish dancer!

jura Mon 28-Feb-05 15:33:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kibby Mon 28-Feb-05 17:44:04

oh that sounds great, away to look at it now!

roisin Mon 28-Feb-05 19:04:10

We've got out of it this year

Head has announced that after 8 yrs of dressing up it was time for something different. So the children are taking in a copy of their favourite book from home, and will then be designing a new cover for the book in school, and the covers will then be judged in a competition.
Have I mentioned before how much I like our school?

LouBeeLou Tue 01-Mar-05 12:46:59

Hi Kibby

Depends whether your dd has dark hair, but my dd went as Matilda last year.

Really easy to do, just a cute dress and cardigan, and a blue ribbon in her hair, alice-band style.


frogs Tue 01-Mar-05 12:58:51

Ha, we have this too! (Hi, beachyhead!)

Dd1 is going as Sheherezade, requiring a Shalwar Kameez which lives in our dressing up box and which she has very enterprisingly restitched to fit her. Ds's outfit is still awaiting final decision, but it has to involve armour and a shield. All suggestions welcome, bearing in mind he doesn't really understand the difference between fictional characters and historical ones. King Arthur is his current preferred option.

Marina Tue 01-Mar-05 13:00:40

Oh I love ds' school, they never make us dress him up for World Book Day. That is worth rubies in my opinion judging from this and other threads!

binkie Tue 01-Mar-05 13:10:57

frogs, the fabulous Once & Future King springs to mind at once (trusting your ds does not mind Arthur's being called "The Wart").

Does he know that one yet? I am just about to start on it with ds once we get to end of Phantom Tolbooth (which would be his choice if their school did World Book Day. I wonder why not?)

nnosam Tue 01-Mar-05 13:46:31

if you have a small recycling box, cover the lid in foil and use brown tape to make a handle out of newspaper in the inside for him to hold.
either that or an old ceral box, cut into a circle. thats the shilde. shall think about armour and let you know later.....

nnosam Tue 01-Mar-05 13:46:53

ps that was for frogs

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