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i want to have a good moan, about dh, and about bloody useless mothercare

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yousaidit Fri 26-Sep-08 15:56:31

all i want from mothercrae, because i got a gift voucher from work for maternity leave, is a babasling: but mothercrae seem to think they shouldn't actually stockthese, just have them on line where you order them then pay an extra £4 for the priveledge (?) of not been able to try it before you buy it and then have the fannying around of returning it if you don't like it: unless, of course, you have a gift voucher then you can't spend this on line then you've to traipse into store to not be able to try the sling but you camn order it instore to have it delivered and ask to speak to amanger about the delivery charge as the dozy mare helpfully told me on the phone. For fecks sake: does life have to be so feckin' fiddly????

and dh: when on phone today, since i am 2wk off due date, i poimnted out not to bother coming home with anything to drink as dh is convinced i will be early with dc and he'll need to drive me up to hospital and poss drop dd off somewhere: 'oh,so i can't drink thn' was the sullen response. 'er, no, not if i want you to drive me to hospital if anything happens as you're convinced it will, and i don't want a beery dh in delivery room'. 'right, so i won't bother having anything at all then' wss maudy response. Oh yes, that terrible part of pg when you don't carry the child, you don't not drink for 9+ however liong trying, and you don't give birth and tear: very demanding andwhat an intrusion into you hectic life. I'm seething: you'd think it was the end of the world.... angry hmmm... am going to hide in loft and write some cards tonight for some me time before i kill someone.

EffiePerine Fri 26-Sep-08 15:58:19

Chocolate. Bath. Tea.

Mothercare are crap - can you spend your voucher on something else and get your sling from elsewhere?

yousaidit Fri 26-Sep-08 16:02:15

Yes, think after dd has tea we shall stroll to shop and find muchos chocolate and nt tell or share with dh. Got practically everything either from dd or pinched it off my sis, inc double parm grin ! So sling is all i need and i've even got all kids christmas presents (for dd, dc due and cousins!) sorted out from boots 3 for 2! Sigh. too organised for my own good!!

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