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Alternative to Phil & Teds. What's my options?

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kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 11:55:00

I'm expecting DC3 in Nov and badly need to replace my past it P&T E3.

I quite like idea of twins like the Teutonia double or Skywalker Mountain Buggy look-a-like but am not sure if they would suit as neither me or DH drive and use public transport most days.

Can any buggy experts out there advise if twin styles and buses can work and which 1's are the best or if my only option is tandem what is the alternatives to P&T.

TIA smile

kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 12:51:51


kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 15:13:51

Does anyone have the Teutonia Team double or has seen 1 in person?

misdee Fri 26-Sep-08 15:15:13

iu dont think twin/sideby side options really work when it comes to public transport.

kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 15:39:44

Think you could be right. Looks like it's another P&T. DH will be pleased as he loves them. Not keen on price of Vibe. Does anyone know if the double seat on the new Classic reclines?

PoppyFox Fri 26-Sep-08 15:44:11

A double Jane 3 wheeler. Wish I'd got that instead of a P7T. As stronger I think. My dd's feet burrowed through the basket of p&t. And she wasn't particularly big.

kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 21:49:37

I like Jane Powertwin but DH is set against it as says it too bulky when folded, too long and too heavy. He also reckons DD2 too tall for front seat. He's stubborn when his minds made up and as he'll be main person pushing it after I go back to work decided to leave it.

I'm not impressed with P&T. Ours has needed 2 major repairs as frame snapped in 2 on both sides. Luckily Mothercare fixed it both times but was still annoyed. There were other niggly things the tyres wearing down quickly and fabric on main frame fraying after a couple of months.

The main problem was DD2 decided after 8 weeks didnt like lying flat in cocoon but was too small for seat. Ended up moving her into main seat in reclined position at 12 weeks and putting DD1 in back but this made whole thing back heavy. DD2 wasnt happy underneath until she was nearly 1 yr.

Sorry for rant blush Think panic setting in as only 6 weeks to go and no idea what pram to buy.

pushchair Fri 26-Sep-08 21:58:29

I-candy pear? Know nothing about them but looked on review page.

amazonianwoman Fri 26-Sep-08 22:00:21

I only had a P&T Sport for about 6mths but had no probs with it whatsoever. It looked virtually new when I sold it, fabric immaculate, tyres still had bobbly bits on them etc and I used it daily.

Friend had a Powertwin and her DD was too big for the front seat by 2.5yrs. The front wheel was always playing up & needed repairing after less than a year's use (cost £70) It was also difficult to steer with the heavy one at the front - I saw it topple a couple of times.

The doubles seat on the Sport reclined enough for DS to sleep & be comfy at 3-4months.

Still think the P&T is the best option for transport!

kegs82 Fri 26-Sep-08 23:07:29

It's the E3 we've got and to be fair to it we've had full 2 years daily use and since neither me or DH drive and DH prone to long walks it has done well.

Ideally if we go for another P&T would like Vibe but money's tight just now so cant. Will probably go for Sport or Classic but probably Sport as dont think double seat for Classic reclines. Also been looking at the P&T twin as it has had good posts on here and seem to be quite narrow for twin so should be allowed them on buses.

Wish could make mind up but hormones seem to have made me incapable of making any decision and DH keeps insisting he's happy with my choice as long as it not a Jane.

This definately last DC for me as pregnancy brain gets worse each time. Or maybe that's just me. grin

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