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how can i help my abused neighbour?

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pdoff Mon 28-Feb-05 06:32:28

need some advice. yesterday my next door neighbour B's daughter M came round hysterically shaking saying B's ex C was gonna kill her. v. complicated but C has been sleeping with M's friend J (16, C is 37) & J has run away from home to be with him. C has a history of abusing B so M warned J & C went off on 1, threw lamp at B's head & threatened M. we called police who came & took J (& B as J so young) to police station but said C wasn't there, just M's 14yr old sister. M petrified to leave house. took her to police station to find B but they said she left & safe for M to go home. noone answering door so finally got her to her friends house for night. turns out C was there all the time & threatening B & daughter to keep quiet. M was assured by 3 different police from 3 places that safe to go home!! DH says i shouldnt get involved but how can u not when there is a wreck of a 16yr old on your doorstep! M lives in a flat nearby cos of probs with B & C has key so she wont go back. she is at college but too scared to go. police say cant do anything cos B wont make statement against C as too scared. police say social services wont help, will just take her home to mum. C is a bully & shouldn't be allowed to ruin any more lives but what can we do? can't sleep for worrying. we don't even know them that well, they just bob round to borrow things! hope someone knows of someone that can help M. thanks for listening anyway!

Freckle Mon 28-Feb-05 07:13:53

Not much time to post now, but your friend should try this:

0808 2000 247 Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline

It's confidential.

pdoff Mon 28-Feb-05 09:29:30

thanks. will pass it on.

pdoff Mon 28-Feb-05 17:14:18

have passed tel no to B but don't think she will ring. will give it to M aswell.

MummytoSteven Mon 28-Feb-05 17:18:13

might she feel more comfortable phoning childline, or samaritans (or speaking face to face with someone at samaritans)?

pdoff Tue 01-Mar-05 08:06:06

C was there again last night. was shouting, slamming door & crying. didn't go round as don't want her thinking am sticking my nose in. if she's willing to let him in her house what can you do? you just can't help some people. DH says to just leave them to it.

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